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The continued posts on this thread simply show the vitrol stored up.

I have a very difficult job in proving anything to any of you and much of it simply starts with education.

What I am speaking of I already quoted as coming out of basic university texts. Did any of you look it up? Most technical libraries have them.

The book T_Vago linked to is a very basic overview of combustion. Truthfully, it would work as an introductory text to engine design, but not combustion thermochemistry. I have already given that earlier, but again, no one cares to go look. I have Combustion, by Glassman & Yetter, 4th edition . On my desk. It speaks of thermal depolymerization and radical interaction.

Most of you simply look to links. As if that is the end of all knowledge.

That is why I offered to meet you in person and you can inspect my work. The problem is the opposition group seem unable to separate hate for me from the subject.

And Oil Pan4 continues to make veiled put downs about me being a "true believer". I am not. I have no doubt that HHO as applied by that group will fail. And I am willing to take the time to show that. I am also confident that it will work under narrow conditions. Have I made that clear? Or shall I say something truthful about Oil_Pan4 and his abilities? Or inabilities?

And my personal PM's are exactly that. And so are my emails. Such a ludicrous demand, you guys are really really reaching.

Do you want an answer to HHO? I do. Most people do. Some of you simply want a fight. T_Vago, you're one special piece.

And I get emails from around the world. Not IM's from this forum. Many people follow my arguments. It is understandable to many. This forum is revered by search engines and my posts pop up when people do searches. I am also on many other forums and they recognize the name and contact me.

I will leave this thread be. Most readers can parse the problems I have pointed out. Those who have responded on their various levels have simply reinforced the problems this forum has with anything Corral related. It also means this forum is lacking information that should be taken out of the Corral once you separate it from the snake oil.

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