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You don't need to replace foodstock to produce ethanol
It can be done from the part of the crop the we don't use to eat

Fermenting the lot to make natural gas would work too

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Not Doug
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That sounds like a good use of leftovers.
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It's all about Diesel
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While I have only seen vegetable-based ethanol, biomethane has the advantage of being able to resort to the leftovers of slaughterhouses and meat proccessing plants too.
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Old 03-11-2019, 12:04 AM   #24 (permalink)
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87 octane 100% gasoline component (E0) is 87 octane. duh!
Reported in many websites, inaccurate but "designated" 87 octane 10% ethanol blend (E10) has a gasoline component that is 84 octane. Because of great quantities of "ethanol in gasoline industry" propaganda & lobbying to artificially lower E10 prices, American drivers have accepted 84 octane component gasoline to be used (not efficiently burned) in their 87 octane gasoline engines. But, 87 octane E0, as burned properly in an 87 octane designed gasoline engine, has 8% to 5% better MPG than inaccurate, but "designated" 87 octane 10% ethanol blend, which has neither ethanol component or gasoline component that is 87 octane.
Now the "ethanol in gasoline industry" is pushing inaccurate, but "designated" 88 octane, 15% ethanol-blend (E15). Inaccurate, but "designated" 88 octane ethanol-blend E15 has a gasoline component with an octane of 83.5.
If the "ethanol in gasoline industry" can successfully market inaccurate, but "designated" 88 octane ethanol-blend E15, they will then push inaccurate, but "designated" 87 octane ethanol-blend E15, which has its gasoline component as 82.4 octane. In all cases, the ethanol blends have no fuel components that are 87 octane & all ethanol blends are inefficiently burned.
The magic & power of propaganda to get people to accept products in their lives which are not "efficient" is remarkable.

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not efficiently burned
Octane doesn't work like that.

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2017: 209.14L for 4244.00km => 4.93L/100km (47.7MPG US)
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Which octane are checking measured or research? They are way different.
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Couldn't remember when it happened, but in Fall 2013

"Iowa's largest pipeline operator, Magellan Midstream Partners, will no longer ship 87 octane regular gasoline to its Iowa terminals. Instead, the pipeline operator will start shipping 84 octane fuel, which can be blended with more expensive 91 octane fuel to produce the regular 87 octane product. Iowa requires a minimum 87 octane fuel at gas pumps.

The bad news for consumers is that the 87 regular octane fuel without ethanol will probably cost more — possibly a lot more — at the pump. The price for 91 octane premium gas without ethanol also could spike."

"Iowa and Nebraska are among the last states in the country to require a minimum octane of 87, he said, but shipping the 84 octane still allows for the product to be mixed with a higher octane product to reach the required 87".


I don't know if the same thing happened in most places, but the refiners made the choice I'm sure to maximize profits that 84 octane gas with 10% ethanol gets to the 87 minimum that the majority of cars require. 15% brings the octane up to 88/89.

We still have E0 87 available but it's about $0.40 a gallon more.
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Locally the clear premium is 92 octane. At one point, it was approaching $5/gallon but I don't know currently (buying diesel instead).

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The only pure petrol I have ever found is local, and is priced $1.40 above regular.
Gas and Electric Vehicle Cost of Ownership Calculator

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If you go out to the coast, I hear they make you walk to the end of a pier with a gas can to buy it. I don't know for sure.


How many Lowes would a Rob Lowe rob if a Rob Lowe did rob Lowes?

If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?
Lynyrd Skynrd -- Free Bird
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