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MetroMPG 11-19-2017 11:39 AM

Writer seeking examples of tested DIY aero mods for book
Julian Edgar, former editor of Autospeed (which many here probably visited regularly), is writing a book about road vehicle aerodynamics.


I am writing a major book on modifying road car aerodynamics. I have organised one of the top aerodynamicists in the UK to act as my technical consultant.

It will be a big book so there is plenty of room for lots of examples. I am after examples to feature of home-based road car aerodynamic modifications, where there is data available that they work (eg reduced fuel consumption, wool tuft pics of the improved flows, etc).
Please post your own threads of tested mods, or nominate others.

Julian said he may also want to get in touch with individual modders via e-mail.

MetroMPG 11-19-2017 11:48 AM

me me me
(Coastdown test results in post #29 of that thread)

MetroMPG 11-19-2017 11:52 AM

Not all tests show measurable gains, and may underline the difficulty of testing very small changes:

See also: Tested: Airtabs on a mini van, A-B-A - no measurable effect

MetroMPG 11-19-2017 11:59 AM

Reflections on side mirrors: testing drag vs. MPG

Testing grille blocking & wheel skirts: +5.7% improvement

MetroMPG 11-19-2017 12:04 PM

This one's maybe less useful because it's an "all-in-one" test that incorporates a number of non-aero mods, though the majority of the gains are likely from drag-reduction.

MetroMPG 11-19-2017 12:16 PM

Xist 11-19-2017 12:22 PM

Is a wind tunnel good enough?

JulianEdgar 11-19-2017 03:51 PM

Thanks for the replies so far. As MetroMPG said, I am writing a book on home car aero modification. The book is quite large, and so I can use plenty of examples. It is being published by a UK publisher, but it will be distributed worldwide. At this stage it is looking like being 100,000 words and 350 pics.

As with any print publication, good quality pics are needed (ie typically at full res out of the camera, not at web resolution).

If you want to appear in the book, I'd suggest that you do the following:

1. Email me a couple of high res photos and a short description of what you've done, and how you tested the results. julianedgar1 at

2. I'll get back to you to let you know if I am interested. (I hope I will be, but I might already have examples that cover the same ground, etc.)

3. I'll then ask you to write a more detailed description, or provide more pics, eg a step by step, or testing of different versions, etc

4. You will be mentioned by name in the book, as will EcoModder

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

freebeard 11-20-2017 01:33 AM

I really appreciate the work you did at AutoSpeed over the years.

Why didn't you use - View Profile: Julian Edgar instead of creating a new account?

I don't have any documented result, but I did observe at Darko wind tunnel last September when aerohead and gumby79 tested their pickup trucks, and aerohead's 1/3rd scale model.

JulianEdgar 11-20-2017 04:59 AM

It's an exciting book to write.

Jaguar's chief aerodynamicist has been very helpful with providing me with material. F1 aerodynamicist Willem Toet has been commenting on some paras, and my technical editor/consultant RH Barnard is just about to get the first chapter to give me feedback on.

These are the chapter headings:

Chapter 1 Theory
Chapter 2 Aerodynamic vehicles
Chapter 3 Flow visualisation
Chapter 4 Pressure measurement
Chapter 5 Noise measurement
Chapter 6 Measuring drag and lift
Chapter 7 Reducing drag
Chapter 8 Reducing lift and increasing stability
Chapter 9 Improving flow through heat exchangers
Chapter 10 Engine intakes
Chapter 11 Reducing aerodynamic noise

As far as I know, it will be the only major aero book aimed at normal people modifying road cars.

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