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Volks Wagon Concept Car

Taking the partial Kammback to its logical conclusion, this mod dramatically reduces rear pressure drag and minimizes trailing wake.

Of all aero mods, a full boat tail will probably have the single largest effect on reducing fuel consumption, though it is obviously more difficult to construct (and will result in more heads turned than anything other mod!).

Instructions for mod

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User experiences

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User data
User Name Car Make, Model, Year Cost of Mod Time to Perform Mod MPG Before Mod MPG After Mod MPG improvement Instruction Link
MetroMPG Pontiac Firefly 1998 (Geo Metro) 55.93 64.39 15.1% Project: Geo Metro boat tail prototype - 15% MPG improvement @ 90 kph / 56 mph
ABA tests for mod
brucey Subaru Outback 35.8 37.7 5.3% Subaru Outback Prototype Boat Tail Test Results
weather spotter 2006 Toyota matrix ~$300 40 hours ~46 ~51 ~11% 5MPG full boat tail on a matrix
cons 04 Ranger $300 15 hours 30  ??? no tank to tank data yet AeroRanger (brother to AeroJeep) boat-tail

Problems / Consequences of mod

Some confused looks by passers by


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Project: Geo Metro boat tail prototype - 15% MPG improvement @ 90 kph / 56 mph

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Full boat tail on a matrix

External links

Flow Field Features and Aerodynamic Drag of Passenger Car <<< Page 25, boat tails