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Rant+helpful answers combined, bear with me.

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
All these responses clearly did not read my original post. So before you reply how about you actual read what I was asking.
Well, looking back at your original response, it isn't really clear what you want...You want to get better mpg because your 4 runner is costing too much money to do long commutes on, but you also say you don't care how much mods cost...Are you trying to get the best mpg just for the heck of it?

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
Fat Charlie I clearly said I don't want to hear preaching about driving. I know how to drive efficient when I want to. I HATE going to a forum about a mod for Improving gas mileage and some idiot starts preaching about the driving style.
The reason you are getting preaching is because cars like the Centurion need to be driven EFFICIENTLY to get 100 mpg. Driving style mods WORK. 40% improvement in mpg JUST from driving style mods is easy, and many times it can allow you to maintain the same avg speed. Another thing about driving style mods, THEY ARE FREE. There are 50cc scooters available that will give you your 100 mpg if you don't wan't to adjust your driving style.

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
I also stated I do not like the look of a Prius which looks exactly like a turd insight.
So you call the insight a turd, but not the prius? The insight can come with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION, no prius can. Are you comparing the 2nd gen insight to the prius? Cause I don't really see the resemblance between 1st gen insight and prius. What if I called your 4 runner a turd? "F***ing piece of **** SUV that can't take a hard corner without rolling over!" There! See...How does that feel? I can bet you that we feel pretty similar when you come on a hypermiling forum and right away start bashing successful eco cars.

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
If you can't comprehend wanting to building a good looking vehicle that has the capability of out performing that turd box you call an insight/prius then please don't respond. Go hug your tree, talk about poor dying animals, charge your batteries or whatever else liberals do...
Have you looked around this forum at all? A lot of the people here are not liberals, I myself am a libertarian. Are you ready for it? Do you want to hear the MAIN REASON I hypermile? Ready? Here goes!


That's right, I think engines are F***ing amazing fun. They can sound amazing, they are very practical, and they are just plain FUN to operate! However, the problem is that engines are inefficient and are dependent on a declining fuel supply. What does this have to do with engines being fun? Well, if the EPA goes and decides that engines are evil and need to be banned altogether, then they are gone. No more fun. I hypermile because engines are a privilege we get to enjoy fairly freely. I want it to stay that way. If everyone started driving more efficiently (trust me, its really F***ing easy) then we get to enjoy engines for LONGER! I want my children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy engines too, not just me telling stories to them about the good ol' days.

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
"Is there a similar build as the Centurion that would allow me to get those kind of MPG? Kit? Any other success stories like the Centurion that is well documented?"
Look up the LO-COST, it is essentially a cheap Lotus 7 kit car. I have seen somewhere that a guy put an aero body on one plus other mods and could touch 100 mpg. Here is one such LO-COST thread:

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
An actual modification to a car requires tools, experience, and hard work. Things I have seen people do on this website for "Hypermiling Mods" is tape Duct Tape and card board for "aerodynamics".... this is not an actual modification, this you trying to make yourself feel good because you lack the skills to actually do something. You are giving yourself a participation trophy and patting yourself on the back.
So screwdrivers, wire cutter pliers and hammers are not tools? Reading about real aero experts and their discoveries via research papers plus understanding general aero rules for cars doesn't equal experience? 20+ hours of work is not hard work? You sound more like a stylist than an engineer when you talk like that. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PRETTY TO WORK.

Here are the modifications to my car, take a good look. It sure isn't winning any design competitions, but I can tell you one thing, THEY WORK.
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4842 Downsized.jpg
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Name:	IMG_4841 Downsized.jpg
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Name:	IMG_4673 Downsized.jpg
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Your turn, show us your aero mods. Oh wait, that's right, you have none. Not even a PARTICIPATION TROPHY for you! HA!

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
If you are not responding to my question about similar builds to the Centurion then move on. And if you think your turd box is similar to a Centurion then your opinion is worthless.
Okay, thanks.
Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
Fat Charlie you must not have any basic understand of how a combustion engine works... which explains your duct tape and card board "modifications".

When you increase the efficiency of how a motor runs, the mpg increases regardless of how you drive.

For the VW's with the ALH motor, it is well documented that if you install a bigger turbo and injectors (with the correct supporting systems like FMIC, etc) this will increase the efficiency of the motor. The increase in forced air at the right amount coupled with the correct tuning almost doubles the HP and Torque of the motor.

Then after doing those upgrades, WITH A MANUAL TRANSMISSION, you can swap out the 5th gear for a taller gear. Because you have increased the efficiency/torque of the motor it can now handle the increased load of a taller gear.
I think you are confusing VOLUMETRIC efficiency with fuel efficiency. You could do all those mods to your engine and end up with great volumetric efficiency but ****tastic mpg.

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
With this done you can be cruising at 1,500 rpms going 70mph and get 80+mpg. I am not making up these numbers, again this is well documented BEFORE even doing any aero mods.
The only way I could see a car like that getting 80 mpg at 70 mph without EXTREME aero mods is by drafting. Consider that many non fuel economy forum members don't regularly track their fuel economy and may use faulty methods to come to a faulty conclusion. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
While at the same time when I come up to Fat Charlie's duct tape/card board car cruising at 50mph Ill drop it into 4th and fly by with the new capabilities of my car. Also I be leaving you a black cloud of smoke because my Jetta will be a 3" straight pipe from turbo down pipe to tip of my exhaust! None of that catalytic converter nonsense.
You really have conflicting goals don't you? You want to be able to cruise at 70mph at 1500 rpm, okay. That takes TORQUE, specifically low end torque, the very low end torque that you LOSE by going to a 3" straight pipe on a small engine. Black clouds of smoke? That is unburned fuel, you say you want to get good mpg?

Catalytic converters exist for a reason. Ready for it?
Click image for larger version

Name:	140501131217-04-polluted-cities-0501-horizontal-large-gallery.jpg
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That is smog. No one likes smog. Smog sucks. Catalytic converters cut down on smog by SIGNIFICANTLY reducing unburned hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides, and particulate matter. All this SIGNIFICANT pollution reduction comes to you at the cost of slightly reduced high rpm engine performance. That's it. You don't need to kill the cat to get good mpg or make good power.

On that note, there is also a reason California has such strict emissions laws. Yes, a lot of that simply has to do with environmentalist culture/lobbying, but the real reason is that California is boxed in by mountains which cut off the airflow. Here is a quote about this subject that explains it better than I can:
"Los Angeles in particular is strongly predisposed to accumulation of smog, because of peculiarities of its geography and weather patterns. Los Angeles is situated in a flat basin with ocean on one side and mountain ranges on three sides. A nearby cold ocean current depresses surface air temperatures in the area, resulting in an inversion layer: a phenomenon where air temperature increases, instead of decreasing, with altitude, suppressing thermals and restricting vertical convection. All taken together, this results in a relatively thin, enclosed layer of air above the city that cannot easily escape out of the basin and tends to accumulate pollution."

Originally Posted by schunter1969 View Post
Fat Charlie how about you educate yourself before making another uneducated comment on vehicles. You can be the most efficient driver but at the end of the day you are going to plateau when you reach the max capabilities of your motor and drivetrain. All the duct tape and card board in the world isn't going to change that.
I'm sorry, but not using efficient driving techniques is going to prevent you from plateauing how? And actually, card board and duct tape CAN change that by improving aerodynamics. Just because it doesn't look pretty doesn't mean it doesn't work. I showed my aero mods to some of my formula SAE team members, and you know what they did? No, they didn't disown me for not spending 3000 god damn hours in solidsuicide designing them and making the parts out of 101% pure refined Supreme branded carbon fiber. You know what they thought about my semi-ghetto aero mods? They liked them! That's right, they don't have to be pretty. Engineers come to appreciate function over form.
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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
You can lead a fashion-conscious horse to unusual-looking water...

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