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I'm not Left, but I don't want to hear about genetics either. My kids do really well in sports and in school- but it's not my Irish genes, it's a stable family with two jobs in a stable area that provides a wide variety of activities for kids. If we were in a violent, unstable area run by criminal gangs where government didn't exist, they'd turn out very differently.

We don't need to require a license to have kids, but we do need to get rid of other interference. Religious and misogynistic impositions on women create and perpetuate problems even more than failed states. This was published last month by the National Bureau of Economic Research:

The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime over the Last Two Decades
Donohue and Levitt (2001) presented evidence that the legalization of abortion in the early 1970s played an important role in the crime drop of the 1990s. That paper concluded with a strong out-of-sample prediction regarding the next two decades: “When a steady state is reached roughly twenty years from now, the impact of abortion will be roughly twice as great as the impact felt so far. Our results suggest that all else equal, legalized abortion will account for persistent declines of 1 percent a year in crime over the next two decades.” Estimating parallel specifications to the original paper, but using the seventeen years of data generated after that paper was written, we find strong support for the prediction. The estimated coefficient on legalized abortion is actually larger in the latter period than it was in the initial dataset in almost all specifications. We estimate that crime fell roughly 20% between 1997 and 2014 due to legalized abortion. The cumulative impact of legalized abortion on crime is roughly 45%, accounting for a very substantial portion of the roughly 50-55% overall decline from the peak of crime in the early 1990s.


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roosterk0031 (06-01-2019)
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Redpoint, we have no vaginas to judge how practical it's a IUD, and teens don't like ginecologists. Swiss approved a law forbidden women to be payd less than man. But any details? What about if the man works more, more extra hours of work, or are more involved and more creative, while a woman have to manage a family and do not work as well or do not make extra hours in key days for a company???
This law may turn efficience lower, since males will not work as hard if the hard extra work will make no difference in their income.

About hire anyone by personal choice, that you proposes as freedon for boss... It's insane... It would open doors for things like:

"Worker wanted: We pay more if you are a hot blond girl in fine body shape and with a hot sister. Extra payment if the blonde goes out with the manager."

About genetics, we are all both, a mix of cultural, behavior and genetics. Sure a good culture, and good values, good parenthood example, good relativer (grandma and grandfather and uncles) help a lot. But we must remamber that there are genes involved. If we take the people on street using drugs and in criminal activities, we will find higher incidence of genes favorable to such behavior. If such people breed more the bad genes will be more often passed and the society will became weaker.

If we was talking about high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, diseases connected to genetic and life style, there would be no such plemic, but when we talk about behavior people get nuts.
People understand such diseases have both, genes and lifestyle, and that people with good genes have lower tendency to get such diseases even with non ideal life style, and that people with bad genes have higher risk. But for behavior...

Anyway the birth controll I talked about it's more related to people who are already terrible citizens, terrible fathers, people with poor morals, and not a list based in genetic tests made by the state.

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redpoint5 (06-01-2019)
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As I said, IUD would be opt-out, so people still have a choice. Maybe free condoms too.

Racist and sexist laws (affirmative action) don't help anyhow, because they can't be enforced. An employer merely has to say the candidate didn't seem to be a good fit. I'd rather the employer be honest about why they don't hire particular people than be dishonest. The outcome won't change.

Our laws aren't evenly applied either. Hooters doesn't hire an equal amount of men, or old or unattractive women. What about "Ladies night" at the bar. That's completely illegal. Personally I have no problem with it. Privately owned property and business should be able to decide how to conduct business; same as how I discriminate about who is allowed in my home. There is zero meaningful difference.

The facts presented by FC are disturbing as abortion is a nasty thing, but I can see how it could contribute to lower crime rates. My whole thing on the abortion debate is that we're talking about a point in time that is too late. It isn't the root problem. The root problem is conceiving of unwanted children in the first place. Discussion should mostly be focused there, since addressing the root of a problem is more effective than addressing the branches.
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Scienctific research should be made for better abortion pills, to interrupt pregnancy in very early stage, like 1 month or less. Safer and with less side effects.

ABortion of a 7 months fetus it's a murder, we can't deny that. But a early stage abortion it's not, since you are terminating a life that have no sentience yet.

Free condoms are of poor help, since ignorant people don't care.
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But a early stage abortion it's not, since you are terminating a life that have no sentience yet.
The question isn't so much sentience, that 's a ways down the road (teenagers?). But I agree that 'life' as a sovereign entity cannot be supported from conception.

A month or less is pretty hard core. I'd be in favor of 42 days. I have a friend that says I have no standing to talk about childbirth, but i contend that I can have an opinion on when life starts because I am alive.

42 days is when the fetus's brain is flooded with DMT, and I figure that if DMT can take you consciousness out of your body, maybe in can usher it in to begin with.

I read once that the Catholic church used to say (like in medieval times) 42 days, but [citation needed].
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The only thing needed to get a fedreal ban on abortions is get trump to say he is in favor of them and allow embryos to vote.
That will get all the dems on the same side if the issue.

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