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The tractor is an edge case I pointed to because it's so clear. I stood a plow upright on the hitch once.

I was trying to atone for suggesting a hitch cantilevered 3' off the ground on a minivan. My friend was interested in being able to move units around in a trailer park.

Sure it's mostly drawbar pull and hitch weight, but in transient conditions — say a sharp downhill bend — I think it's good to have the hitch aligned so the tail doesn't wag the Dodge, so to speak.

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Would this be a 3rd wheel, technically?

(transporting recyclable goods in Hanoi)
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speaking of class 1 hitches on vans, I saw a small SUV with a class 1 hitch, with a class 1 to class 2 adapter! WTH is that about? That should be so illegal.

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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Why do trailers need to be registered anyhow? It's not like the DMV idiots (no offense intended if you're a DMV idiot) are mechanical engineers that can identify what is structurally sound and stable. Seems like a money grab.
A government agency taking part in a money grab?

Surely, you jest.
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Spotted on the road yesterday afternoon: Prius pulling trailer with ladders, toolboxes, and painting supplies.
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buy a Micra instead of an RV?

Canadian Nissan Micra (1.6L 109 hp) isn't officially rated for towing.

Here's one that did a cross-country trip this summer pulling a Lees-Ure-Lite tent trailer & supplies.

Micra road trip: BC to NFLD (ultralight tent trailer) - Micra-Forum.com)
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I don't show this much because of the cr@ppy scan, but I drew this years ago:

Much the same. A teardrop with a Model T touring top.
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MetroMPG (11-03-2016)
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I don't get the value of a tent on wheels when you can just buy a regular tent.

I've got a 10 person tent you can stand up in that sets up in 2 minutes, and I bought it new for $40. Sure, it weighs 25 lbs, but then it wasn't meant for backpacking.
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Many of us don't like living out of a backpack and won't do it for recreation. Truck camping is great, but owning a truck is generally a stupid thing to do. ()

A trailer is great for storage and once you're in place that storage space can easily become living space. Living in a tiny box sucks, so doing it up as a tent multiplies the amount of space you get out of it. You get storage, ease of setup/takedown and a yuge increase in civilized living.

I love having a pop up, but having one done right would be awesome. Freebeard's sketch looks a lot like what I saw a couple weeks ago: some guy tore the rear ramp off of one of those Home Depot landscaping trailers and built a nice teardrop on it- but what he was living in was a large tent set up behind it. It's a good compromise because I'd hate to scrounge pop up parts and try to build something workable, much less design and sew the tent part.

Originally Posted by sheepdog44 View Post
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I wasn't thinking of a tent so much as a convertible top with side curtains. It would be a sunshade with mosquito netting in the summer and have heavier sections for winter.

Black Haartz cloth.

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