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echo-francis 10-05-2011 11:49 PM

Echo-Troll Modding Thread (2005 Toyota Echo)
Hi Hypermilers!

HyperMileQC and I are starting an aeromodding project on a Toyota Echo 2005 Manual 5 Speed 1.5 L : The Echo-Troll Project!

Link to EcoModder Garage : Echo-Troll

EPA : 30 City \ 38 Highway \ 33 Combined MPG (US) | Fuel Economy

My MPG's : 60 to 94.4 MPG in a 4.2 Miles commute \ 60 to 93 MPG on HWY \ 65 to 90 MPG in a 13.7 Miles commute with 26 lights & 13 stops

Up to Date List of my Current Aeromods :

-Whiper Deflector (Tested) +1.5% MPG (US)
-Wheel Covers (Pizza Pan) (Tested) +2.15% MPG (US)
-Partial Front Grill Block (Winter Mod) + Upper Grill Block (Upgraded)
-Sealed Gaps Around Lights & Hood- Upgraded+
-Frontal Belly Pan Version 2 (Old version : Frontal Belly Pan - Upgraded+)
-Center Belly Pan Version 2 (Old version : Center Belly Pan)
-Rear Belly Pan - Upgraded+
-Front Wheel Spoiler Version 2 (Old version :Front Wheel Spoilers)
-Rear Wheel Spoiler Version 2 (Old Version : Rear Wheel Spoilers)
-Side Skirts Version 2 (Old version : Side Skirts)
-Passenger Side Mirror Deletion
-Rear Wheel Skirts(Removed for winter)
-Kammback Spoiler - Revised Angle

Planned Aeromods :

-Adjustable Grille Block
-Articulated Front Wheel Skirts
-Boat Tail
-Boat-Tailing Behind Tires
-Kammback Extension
-Nose Cone Front Bumper

Inside of the Car Modifications :

-Alternator De-Belted on Short & Medium Trips
-A/C Delete
-Engine Kill Switch
-Electric Water Pump & Fan Digital Controller - Installation & Testing
-4 Diodes On The EWP With A Switch
-ScanGauge II
-Engine Insulation
-Block Heater
-Oil Pan Heater
-Transmission Heater
-Synthetic Motor Oil : Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy SAE 0w-30
-Synthetic Transmission Oil : Royal Purple SAE 75w-90
-Fresh Air Intake (Stock Intake Snorkel)
-LRR Summer Tires : Michelin Defender 50 Psi Front & Rear (Current Tires)
-Winter Tires : Tiger Paw, 40 Psi
-Ducting from Grille Block Hole to Radiator
-Power Steering Disable
-DRL Disable
-LED Lights
-Fire Blanket (For Winter)
-Power Steering Pump Remove
- LED Headlights

Planned Inside Modifications :

-Weight Remove

The Ultimate Goal :

my goal is to reach 2.5 L/100Km (94.9MPG) For now I haved reached 2.66 L/100Km (88.37 MPG).

The Car :
You can see here the Echo-Troll with one of it's first Aeromod, the partial grill block for summer.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for this project, please, let us know by posting in this thread. Thanks.

echo-francis 10-06-2011 12:15 AM

Wheel Covers (Pizza Pans) DIY Fabrication :

Decided to put smooth wheel covers (pizza pan).
It was pretty simple, I bought some pizza pans and I nailed the cover on the original wheel cap. Took me 3 hours to make.

Here are some picture of the wheel covers :

The Wheel Cover :

echo-francis 10-06-2011 12:38 AM

Results Of the Wheel Covers (Pizza Pans) Tests! :

Today we have tested the wheel covers to prove their efficacity and their FE with an A-B-A test.

Here are the Results :
11C (51,8F) / Speed : 50 MPH (80 Km/H) / 06 October 2011 / Good Conditions in general.

A = With the Wheel Smooth Covers (Pizza Pans)
B = Without the Wheel Smooth Covers (Pizza Pans)

In MPG (US) :
Run # 1 |-61.2-|-59.5-|-62.4-|
Run # 2 |-57.2-|-57.1-|-57.6-|

Results :

Run # 1 Combined A = 61.8 MPG (US) (3.81 L/100Km)
Run # 1 Result of B = 59.5 MPG (US) (3.95 L/100Km)
Run # 2 Combined A = 57.4 MPG (US) (4.1 L/100Km)
Run # 2 Result of B = 57.1 MPG (US) (4.12 L/100Km)

Difference of 2.3 MPG (US) With the Run # 1.
Difference of 0.3 MPG (US) With the Run # 2

Final Result of the Testing of the Wheel Covers (Pizza Pans) :

We calculated a 2.15% gain in MPG (US) with the Wheel Covers. Yay!^^

echo-francis 10-06-2011 01:08 AM

Whiper Deflector in Coroplast DIY Fabrication :

Realized the wipers was really in the airflow so I decided to make a coroplast and duct tape whiper deflector to respect airflow near the wipers zone. It took me maybe 2 or 3 hours to build it. I made tests with the deflector but they are lost in the Void. We know that it is a 1.5% gain in MPG (US). Based on a A-B-A-B test. Inconveniant : some leaves and maple scrap get stuck in there.

Some Picture of the Wiper Deflector :

echo-francis 10-06-2011 01:16 AM

Partial Front Grill Block DIY Fabrication :

We are in Canada so winter is one of our preocupation. I decided to make a Grill Block to help Engine keep its heat. Its made out of Styrofoam and Duct Tape. Took me 1 hour to do and work well. Not tested. It is also blocking the hole for the fog lights (I don't have any).

Added upper grill block made of coroplast and duct tape.

Here are some Picture of the Grill Block :
Upper Grill Block :
The Front Grill Block in Summer Mod :

The Front Grill Block in Fall/Spring Mod :

UPDATE : This is a new picture of the Grill Block as it is actually in August 2012 :

HyperMileQC 10-07-2011 02:57 PM

Went in Ontario this morning with echo-francis to take some electoral coroplast... We got 19 small and 11 large.
What does that mean?
Wheel skirts! Maybe belly pan. We will have a heated place to work on the echo-troll this winter, so we will keep you in touch with those improvements.

CigaR007 10-07-2011 06:14 PM

Cool ! Good to know that another Echo is going ahead with some aeromods.

This what I have done on my Echo so far :

echo-francis 10-12-2011 09:58 PM

Block Heater and Weatherstripping Tape
Block Heater and Weatherstripping Tape :
Installed a block heater on the car. I also found weatherstripping tape in my house and I sealed some gaps in the front.

Block Heater :
Weatherstripping tape :

echo-francis 11-05-2011 11:29 PM

Rear Wheel Skirts
Rear Wheel Skirts DIY Fabrication :
We have fabricated some rear wheels Skirts, they are finished, and we had them installed for about 1 month. We removed them to swap the tires for winter, but we do not plan to replace them until the summer tires swap. here are some pictures :

Rear Wheel Skirts :
(The neighborhood cat approves (AndrewJ) :)

echo-francis 11-05-2011 11:48 PM

ScanGauge II
The ScanGauge II :
We bought a SG II a year ago. We installed it here :

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