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Old 03-02-2015, 05:57 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Angry The Man wins I lose :( (Civic VX ordered off the road by police for aero mods)

A cop told me a few weeks ago that my car was all kinds of wrong according to The Motor Vehicle Act, but said he wasn't going to ticket me that day.
I got pulled over on the Trans Canada Highway the other day by the same cop.
This time he was determined to ticket me.
I guess he had enough time to go research the act to see he could charge me with.
So I got a $109 fine for obstructing my tailights , I had clear plexi to cover the sides so as to make the kamback more aero.
The Act is worded in such a way that even dirty lens is an offense, or even clear tape to seal a crack.
If that wasn't bad enough he also ordered my car to be inspected which I hear will cost me another $143 to inspect and no doubt more to re-inspect after repairs.
Failure to get it inspected earns a $593 fine.
The list of things they check will cause me to park my car and surrender the plates.
The car will also have an official HOLD on it until its repaired or crushed.
I have no doubt the cost of repairs will be way higher then is reasonable for a 92 civic vx with over 430000 km 267344 miles.
This cop had it in for my car .. I have driven it across 6 states and most of my province since I acquired it. Never had so much as a cop look at it.
I will likely sell it as is with the HOLD on it.
Saddest day of my life, I removed all the aero items including the belly pan just to get it ready for the inspection, if I didn't it would fail as it is not listed as Modded in the reg.
My Life Sucks
I just turned 56 last month and I am being treated like a snot nosed 16 year old by our finest RCMP officers.
I talked it over with my 7 year old grandson, and he asked me why are they doing this to you, then he suggested maybe the car looked like a race car and that's why they want it all off.
I thought about a while and added that maybe the cop was thinking like a 7 year old ....
I sure hope the cop had a great sleep that night knowing that he saved the world from me getting better gas mileage.

2000 Insight MT 106K Citrus A/C
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I would go to court, look the judge in the face, and tell him the facts and show proof of your mileage. Those who conserve save everyone money with lower fuel costs and your car is not unsafe as show by your record and previous travels.

Might as well state your case if you are going to loose either way, might get lucky.


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I agree with old Mechanic. You're not putting other drivers at risk, explain to the judge that you do this to save on gas and that it's a hobby.

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Spaced out...
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Sorry about your bad luck. Sounds like Canada has some crazy rules with that costly inspection etc.

Thousands of miles on that car without a problem yet there are trailers without working tail lights and unsecured cargo on trailers and pickups that don't even get pulled over. I can't stand how biased police can be; obviously that cop had a chip on his shoulder for the car and the mods don't exectly help it blend in but it still looks like profiling to me.

I agree that you should try and plead your case to a judge, worse they can say is "no" and considering the fines you ready have to pay, $40 court fees shouldn't add too much salt to the wound.

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Canaduh: Where serial killers go free and people who stop for wildlife get persecuted.

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This sucks. Really, really sucks.

We have the same rule (no covered/"obstructed" lights/licence plate) on the books here in Ontario, and I'm always aware of it when I make mods. (Which is not to say I don't break the rule, just that I'm aware of it!)

I suspect most jurisdictions have the same rule and it's just a matter of whether or not it's going to be enforced.

My only run-in with the law due to mods was a ticket for not having my (required) front plate on. I had taken it off while messing around with grille blocking, and forgot about it.
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Back in the day I got a ticket for no front bumper on my VW Bug; I had it off for refinishing. Bumper brackets were still on and license plate was displayed. Stupid cop never saw nerf bars? How many T-buckets and street rods went through town with no front bumper? How many pickups and other trucks went through with no rear bumper?

Just came back from a walk; noticed two pickups with no front plates and one of them with no muffler besides. Now where are the pigs?

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Man, I'm sorry to hear that. Dang, that sucks. I agree, take the cop to court. You've spent so much time and energy into this car. What's a few more hours to give him hell in court? It's free to represent yourself (no attorney). At the least, you get a chance to voice your opinion
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Could you sell it across the boarder with the hold? Then with proof of sale you shouldn't need the inspection. Too bad you pulled the aero stuff. At least in Montana they would have hardly looked at it, I bet Washington would be a little more anal and I think anal is written into both the Washington and BC codes. Sorry!
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This kind of stuff is so maddening... I don't even want to write any more than that.

I'm very sorry he's harassing you. I agree with going to court. Maybe write a letter or two. Grrrr!


'97 Honda Civic DX Coupe 5MT
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