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Old 12-03-2009, 04:36 PM   #31 (permalink)
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Like the Aptera, I'm thinking of this as just more vaporware till I see one for sale.

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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
This car begs the question: if Honda's first generation Insight had been a little longer with 2 more seats, would it have had a different outcome?
No, because the original Insight was a real-world test bed for the hybrid technology. Honda never intended to sell more than they did, because they were selling well below the cost of production - aluminum bodies aren't exactly cheap, you know. Indeed, they were pretty hard to get at times. I tried to buy a new one back in '03 or '04, and the dealer first wouldn't even admit they existed, then said they couldn't be ordered as the allotted production for the year was already sold (this in June!). So I wound up buying a used 2000 for about a third of new price :-)
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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
This car begs the question: if Honda's first generation Insight had been a little longer with 2 more seats, would it have had a different outcome?
I've got three seats in my car that I NEVER use. Which is a bit better than my last vehicle; it had six seats I never used.
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Sorrow Six Star (12-09-2009)
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Your trend is good anyway.

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Originally Posted by ai_vin View Post
I've got three seats in my car that I NEVER use. Which is a bit better than my last vehicle; it had six seats I never used.
and mine has two (the rears factory removed for the base model)
I still have a seat I never use.......
Originally Posted by bgd73 View Post
Legends are legends after all..
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VW shows Cd value: 0.237 hybrid concept

VW unveils the Up! Lite concept car at the L.A auto show. It uses a 2 cylinder diesel and electric drive motors. It also has a very smooth tapered body style, rear view cameras instead of mirrors, automatic self adjusting grill opening and flattish 18" wheels for 70 mpg highway. "The image of the car body with its clean lines, as though sculpted from a block of aluminium, underscores just how fascinating a car tuned to aerodynamic perfection can look."

L.A. Auto Show - UP! Lite Concept

(I originally missed this thread and re-posted in aerodynamics)
60 mpg hwy highest, 50+mpg lifetime
TDi=fast frugal fun

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
The power needed to push an object through a fluid increases as the cube of the velocity. Mechanical friction increases as the square, so increasing speed requires progressively more power.

Last edited by COcyclist; 12-23-2009 at 12:21 PM..
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Interesting note the milage numbers do not agree. The unit converter at TDI club gives a milage of 96MPG for 2.44L/100km.

That sounds more like it. I would suppose the L/100km is the more accurate of the two as that is the number they work with in Europe and somebody screwed up the conversion.

So that leaves a really good impression about the Germans math ability.
What to do now? After already spending the money for a splashy rollout do they admit an error in the engineering calculations?

Kind of funny and sad all at the same time. 100mpg almost is a way catchier number
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I think the Combined mileage is the higher number, and the Highway mileage is the 70mpg.
Sincerely, Neil

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I want to build a diesel streamliner that is like a cross between the Aptera and the VW one liter project.

I have a suspicion that mine will be done before you can buy this one. I have to completely remodel my house first, which will take 2-3 years, then another two years of spare time to piece together the prototype.

Jeez I hope I'm wrong.

Mine will seat 3 in a row the long way for best/lowest frontal area. If it doesn't break 100 mpg at 50 mph I will be very disappointed.

Finest regards,

2004 VW TDI PD on bio

want to build 150 mpg diesel streamliner.
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The PRC.
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Would it be easier to re-engine a Metroflyswift with the 1l VW Polo 3cyl engine ?

[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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