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Not Doug
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I keep making an effort to finally catch up on my new and unnecessarily-complicated notes and then I get distracted.

Project Farm tested hot glue strength. I use hot glue to pull dents (and mangle the metal in the process). Then I went out with 70% isopropyl alcohol to try to get rid of fossilized Gorilla Glue.

It made a visible difference!

Maybe using denatured alcohol, 90% isopropyl, and acetone a year ago was the right thing to do, I just needed to put way more effort into it.

With cheap hot glue, you put one drop of that stuff on the edge, and the whole patch pops off.

Anyway, I moved past that, and was totally ready to write notes.

Then I saw the first of these videos:
They are kind of funny, although he curses much more than I like.

"There's no way a Chevy Cavalier is more reliable than a Honda Civic."

Salesman: "Based on a recent survey, Chevy is more reliable than Toyota, Honda, and Ford--"
"You guys didn't survey any mechanics, did you?"

Real Person: "I never would have thought--"
"That's because you have common sense."

Real Person: "I am so impressed--"
"You're impressed because they made up an award and gave it to themselves?"

"You guys didn't get the JD Power Reliability Award, so you just made one up?"

Salesman: "Since you're all millennials--"
"Let me stop you right there, I'm not a millennial. Don't get me wrong, I love the Pepé Le Pew look."

Salesman: "Let me show you the Chevy Cruise, it was specifically designed for you guys--"
"What does that mean, it is easily offended and complains about everything?"
"I just looked it up. I am a millennial. I hate myself right now."

Real Person: "What doesn't this car have?"
"I'll tell you what it doesn't have, reliability, lasting quality, style, speed, safety, comfort, a good price, a good marketing team, consumers, any redeeming qualities, really."

For a truck ad, they drive up with a cover on it, and it looks like there is a Ford badge underneath. They rip it off and he says "Put the cover back on it!"

"You've got a real problem if you've gotta trick people into liking your truck."

Real Person: "This is a Chevy?"
"You didn't notice the Chevrolet logos everywhere?"

Salesman: "The Equinox starts at $24,525--"
"Except this one's $36,950."

[On the middle shoulder of the freeway]
"You guys took your middle-of-the road advertising literally to the middle of the road?"

Salesman: "Have you ever had car trouble in a place like this?"
"Yeah, in a Chevy."

Salesman brags about J.D. Power Reliability Awards
"I just looked them up, and your dependability awards are based on the 2014 models, and there are eighteen of them. You guys got 3/18. You're batting .167."
Salesman: "Chevrolet is the only brand to get reliability awards on cars, trucks, and SUVs--"
"Yeah, but on engines and transmissions, you got 3/5, so at least your windshield wipers will work while you're waiting on the tow truck."

"The only way to make getting into a Chevy a good idea is to make the alternative standing outside on the freeway."

"The most reliable trucks on the road--"
"Well, on the side of the road."

Salesman: "Chevrolet has received more JD Power awards for initial quality than any other car company for four years in a row--"
"I have no idea what initial quality means. You guys didn't win the lasting quality award? I just Googled it and it is only for the first 90 days. Did you guys rent this whole building just to show off all the cars you couldn't sell?"

They had the ad about everyone receiving the family discount and he said that was good, they just laid off tons of employees, so they could still get the discount!

"I switched to Chevy" commercial:
"I switched to Chevy. Then it broke down and I switched back."
"Chevy switched from American workers to Mexican workers."

Making fun of people is fun...

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