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Old 07-04-2008, 09:46 PM   #1 (permalink)
Fuel sippin Taco
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Tacoma Drivin' New Member Here

Hello folks,

Sorry for the Midwest almost "howdy". I have a 2008 2WD Toyota Tacoma Access Cab, 4-cyl, 5-speed manual tranny. I have had the Truck nearly 2 months now. After 2300 miles I am averaging 25 to 27 MPG. My city/hwy split is 30% city(4 traffic signals and a merge on a 4 mile run) , 70% urban interstates with very few slowdowns. I try to keep to 65 MPH or so on the freeway stints. When buying the pickup I said to myself I would be happy with 25 average. But feeling there is more to be had. I have my tires at 32F/34R cold.

I employ a few hypermiling techniques, like DWL, coasting to stops. and trying to time the next traffic signal to keep moving. A question if I may? When coasting down a long grade, is it better to shift to N and let out the clutch pedal, or is the fuel injection shutting down if I coast down the grade in gear.

Glad to be here,


2008 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Access Cab
2.7L 4-cyl. 5 speed manual Trannsmission
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Welcome to EcoModder. I know on my Jeep you go into fuel cut if you leave it in gear
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Dartmouth 2010
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Welcome to ecomodder! Lots of good tacoma drivers here,
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Welcome Tacodan! I expect that you will learn how to improve those FE numbers hanging out here.


Allan Greenblazer
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Originally Posted by tacodan View Post
A question if I may? When coasting down a long grade, is it better to shift to N and let out the clutch pedal, or is the fuel injection shutting down if I coast down the grade in gear.

Glad to be here,

Glad to have you here.

3 options

1) Leave it in gear; down shif as needed to keep it over 1200 rpms (safe fuel cut off rpm without scangauge) You will slow down faster than 2 and 3! (it is what I do most of the time)

2) throw it in neutral More coasting distance, but you are burning fuel. CAN be best option for some situations

3) put it in neutral turn off the engine. Best Fuel economy, best coasting distance. HOWEVER BE CAREFUL! there will be no power steering, limited power brakes, make sure you don't lock your steering wheel.

All depends on your comfort level/ situation. if you use #3 try it a few times in an empty parking lot to make sure you are comfortable/ safe with it.
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My Toyota predates such frippery as having a model name - I had to name it myself.

I discovered significant benefits when I pumped the tires up to the sidewall limit. Ignore what the chassis placard says. If your sidewalls say the tires can take 44, go for it. You will notice a slight degradation of the ride - it's going to be a teeny bit livelier, but not bad. C'mon, it's a truck, right? You didn't buy it for the ride.

I don't know what your engine is like, but my truck is oh so happy floating along at the 50-55 range. There's a sweet spot right there that gets me down the road at a decent pace (not fast enough for the Interstate, though) while just barely sipping the fuel.

If the Taco is like my Truck, it's one of the higher-standing 4x2's. You've got a lot of height under there, and since it's a 2x, you probably don't go off road much. Adding a bellypan to smooth up all those nooks and crannies can't be a bad idea.

I do engine-off coasting a LOT, but I didn't try it in traffic until I had tested it out on some deserted back roads. First thing to check - be sure that you don't lock your column when you turn the ignition switch to ACC. So long as you've still got full play on the steering, it's light enough at speed not to be a problem, and I've got enough vacuum reserve for two full stops with the engine off. Your Mileage May Vary - test to be sure, be careful.


Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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