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I see a future where mobility is available to virtually every person on this planet.

Mobility that does not destroy our atmosphere.

Mobility that is available to enhance the lives of even those of very little means.

Mobility that makes employment possible.

Mobility that breeds competition.

Much like the Singer Sewing Machine that made women's productivity increase more than ten fold 150 years ago. Mobility will free men and women on a planetary scale, and in doing so will raise the living standards of everyone.

We look at vehicles that are much more efficient, but the cost is enormous.

We try to learn to extract every ounce of distance from every drop of fuel.

We try to overcome the deficiencies of the vehicles we drive by using techniques only a small portion of the population truly understands.

The new generation of drivers are evolving into people who consider vehicles to be just another appliance. A means to an end.


Look to nature for efficient movement through the air, land and water. Nature has always had to deal with limited energy sources. Maximization of that energy source for the purpose of movement were the keys to survival and evolutionary development.

Look to the early times of the industrialization of mankind, for examples of truly magnificent engineering.

Clipper ships
Water wheels
Hull design in ships where hydrodynamics preceded aerodynamics by centuries.
The Blockade Runners of the Civil War era, some of which made close to 20 knots on the same horsepower that we now have in a single SUV.

The early harnessing of water power for industrialization, where the value of land was in its energy resources, is being repeated by those with a future dream of independent power resources for self reliance.

Read about the cost of transporting a ton of freight by rail versus road.

We allowed rail transportation to fall to the wayside, because oil was cheap.

We forgot about steam power because oil was cheap.

We forgot about electric cars and battery advancements, because oil was cheap.

Now we face the consequences of our earlier decisions.

Is it too late for us to make the necessary changes?


Should real efficiency be the property of those who can afford to pay dearly to save some fuel?


To truly change the course of our exorbitant consumption, we need to make the change universal and affordable.

How much would I pay for a car that gets 100 MPG?

Most people calculate the total cost of each mile of transportation when they think about the problem the way they really should.

It's sad that advancements in efficiency seem to be very costly, when in fact it does not have to be that way, and for us to truly reverse the environmental consequences of our bad habits, the solution has to be universal.


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And that actually got a patent? L. Neil Smith described the system in an SF novel (The Probability Broach?) back in the '80s, IIRC.

I see a future where mobility is available to virtually every person on this planet.
Yeah, but why bother to travel? These days, you go live in a "foreign" country, they've got the same damn shops & fast food restaurants, play the same damn Muzak in stores that sell the same stuff you could buy back home. If you go to a tropical island, they stick you in a box on the 14th floor of a Hilton hotel that's just like every other one in the world, and you share that beach with about 20,000 other tourists...

Mobility that makes employment possible.
Who needs to go places to work? A few years ago, I was simultaneously working for clients in Silicon Valley and Europe, without ever leaving home.

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