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Originally Posted by D.O.G. View Post
but they can't cook.
Good point. My wife's cooking constitutes about 12% of the reason I married her. Her family's chile relleno and pupusa recipes are the cat's meow. Pun intended.


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There is nothing like ten good pupusas
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Quite a thread you've got going here. Sorry to hear about your dad, and your, shall I say, quest?

I'm not one to talk; my current girlfriend was my first. However, maybe there is something here you can use. During college I signed up for a dating site, and after several years only had one good date after which I had to move out of state.

After moving to Detroit, a few months passed and I was tired of being single. I figured I'd try something I'd heard about- "the power of intention". My mom had previously rented the movie "The Secret," which It teaches you to act as if you you already have what you want. Saying, "I'm in a happy, loving relationship," instead of saying, "I wish I had a girlfriend". As did the guy in the movie, I used art as a way to visualize this while meditating on it a bit too.

Now, I'm not saying that this is the reason, but within a month or two I met my current girlfriend (a cute smartie with a masters degree and big girl job) and we've been together for a year. If you like the movie, I also recommend The Isaiah Effect; it examines the concept through the eyes of quantum physics and pre-Christian scripture. It's not religious, though. Just skip the intro about Y2K.

Others in my family have had some success while using this technique, and I believe it works but it's hard to enact and it's hard to prove. So, if nothing else works, try visualizing yourself in your ideal situation- and feel the happiness, the love. It's worth a shot!

Sorry for the messy post. I'm just trying to not write three pages, nor to let my personal beliefs get in the way.
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And for the record, I don't really know how to meet women or friends outside of the internet, school or work. Around here, everyone stays inside all the time. When you mentioned the girl who was upset you had roommates while she lived at home, I was again reminded that my generation is weird. Really weird. That story is not uncommon.
He gave me a dollar. A blood-soaked dollar.
I cannot get the spot out but it's okay; It still works in the store
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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
My ex-girlfriend is twenty-three. I dated some girls her age before, but they were college graduates, smarter, and more mature--a lot of good that did!

I was not trying to date anyone that young, it just happened. To be honest, I think that early twenties should be mature enough for a relationship, some people just never grow up... The older one works as a classroom aid, but seemed to think there was something wrong with me having roommates at my age, and then I found out that she lived with her parents.
The most mature GF I had was 18, back when I was 28. In some ways she had even more wisdom than I had. I'd say most women (and men) are pretty set in their ways by age 23.

My wife was 26 when I met her at 30, and I was 31 when we married. Found her after years of being on OKcupid.

I'm acquaintances with a nice and attractive woman who is 41 and has never been married or in a serious relationship. Well, she met a fella a few months ago and will be getting married in January. Older people that have never been married do exist too. Being single in your 30s is not uncommon these days.

I had roommates up until my wife moved in with me. I don't know how having roommates can count against you since it shows that you know how to make good financial choices and live with other people. Having roommates paid my mortgage for the 4 years I had my house prior to getting married. Having roommates for the last decade was a big part of what allowed me to buy the expensive ring, pay for the expensive wedding and honeymoon, and pay off her student loan debt.

My only advice to those that are single, or unsatisfied with their current relationship, is to become the person that deserves the person your dreams. Don't compromise by wasting time with relationships that aren't going to last. I've said it elsewhere, but I don't keep friendships with exes or women in general because it takes away time and energy that can be better spent meeting the right person. The most difficult thing I've ever done has been to break off fun relationships with beautiful women once I knew there was no future with them. They have also been the best decisions I have made.
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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Don't compromise by wasting time with relationships that aren't going to last.

Being in the wrong relationship is one of the worst decisions you can make. It makes everything worse.


Originally Posted by sheepdog44 View Post
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