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Are you ready, here they come!

California DMV finally adopts regulations for autonomous vehicles on public roads!

The rules were set for prototype testing, registration, insurance and self-reporting for any vehicle manufacturer. Testers must obtain a trial permit from the DMV and comply with permit requirements when testing autonomous vehicles on California roads and highways, made effective on Sept. 16, 2014!

California DMV requirements:

- Must register the test vehicle/s with DMV.

- Must maintain $5 million insurance/surety bond.

- Complete previous successful autonomous vehicle operation and under controlled conditions.

- Use qualified test drivers who completed the system's training program and must follow all provisions of the CA Vehicle Code.

- Test driver must sit in the driver seat and capable of taking complete control of the autonomous vehicle.

- Must report to DMV any incident involving test vehicle/s or any situation where the autonomous system disengages during operation.

The DMV is also creating initial rules governing the PUBLIC operating approved-autonomous vehicles, expected to be adopted by Jan. 1, 2015!

DMV Adopts Autonomous Vehicle Testing Rules

Ten years ago;

I remember the first open-source autonomous design challenge, DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004. They had their qualifying tests at the Irwindale Speedway, CA and the off-road course, Barstow,CA to Primm,NV. No robot finished the course. The next year, 2005 Grand Challenge, five robots completed the course. The 2 million dollar-winning Stanford University team had 'Stanley', a VW Touareg. 'He' finished the 7.3 mile course in the time of 6:54! The 2007 Urban Challenge took place in a closed Victorville air force base. The 60 mile course was completed by a Carnegie Mellon University Chevy Tahoe in about 4 hours.

Grand Challenge;

Urban Challenge;

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Can't be much worse than most of the drivers out there! (seriously, think of the liability issues)
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I wonder why people are excited by this and want this. Just seems wrong to me. :/

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I think the $5 million bond requirement just about sums it up, as well as the requirement of a driver capable of instantly disconnecting the sytem with manual override.

Since it is probably not bondable by any sane agent just plop down your 5 mil and have at it.

Pop, at 91 asked about life insurance, the premium for one year, payable in advance, was the same amount as the policy payout. I wonder why?

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I am glad I live where I do.
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Not Doug
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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Just seems wrong to me. :/
What? The cutting-edge technologies of Autocorrect and Siri do not inspire you with confidence when your life is on the line?
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I'm looking forward to the autonomous cars (& trucks) becoming reality soon... not because I want one, but because I get the sense a good number of drivers treat their current vehicles as if they were autonomous already!

The technology is being proven already; the laws are just catching up: Google's Self-Driving Cars Have Never Gotten a Ticket - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic. It's not a million miles yet, but they're getting there. When these become reality, there should be benefits: better FE, fewer accidents, better traffic flow. Higher costs too, of course, but just like the current set of fancy features, this will be available on the high end vehicles and will therefore be paid for by those with $$ to spare.
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What did I just do?!
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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
What? The cutting-edge technologies of Autocorrect and Siri do not inspire you with confidence when your life is on the line?
My GPS repeatedly tells me to drive off a bridge...

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I feel like within the next 10-15 years, we will be seeing "autonomous vehicle only" lanes in busy cities, just like you see carpool lanes now. As more autonomous-capable vehicles enter the roadways, there will be busy sections of freeway that are predominantly autonomous-only, and soon there will only be single lanes for human-driven vehicles. I'll bet you anything the stop-and-go bull**** would be reduced.
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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I wonder why people are excited by this and want this.
Parking can be impossible to find in Portland, and if you are lucky enough to find a spot, it might cost $10 to park.

1. I look forward to having my car drop me off, go home and recharge, and then pick me up at a location I specify using a phone app. No more looking for parking spots, no more parking fees.

2. Traffic lights are annoying and inefficient. One day cars will calculate the most efficient speed to travel, be aware of other vehicles and mesh through intersections without stopping. No more stopping until you arrive at your destination.

3. Traffic accidents will be almost eliminated. Every vehicle will communicate their driving intentions to nearby cars, and the nearby cars will accommodate the vehicle.

4. The many days of my life spent driving can be replaced with something productive.

5. Travel on long road trips can be sustained over night while the occupants sleep.

6. No more surprises as to what rush hour traffic is going to look like in the morning. With accidents nearly eliminated, unexpected lane and road closures will be a very uncommon occurrence. Traffic reports will be redundant.

I wonder why people are worried by this and want to resist the inevitable?

Gas and Electric Vehicle Cost of Ownership Calculator

Give me absolute safety, or give me death!

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