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Old 04-10-2012, 09:28 PM   #81 (permalink)
Diesel Addict/No Cure
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Now all you need is a good think to go with the vejjies.

Volvo WIA42 VED-12 / 335 hp / 1300 ft/lbs / 9 mpg

Big n' Boxy, Never met a Hill it Didn't Like
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Old 04-20-2012, 04:24 AM   #82 (permalink)
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So is everyone agreed that nobody wants drive a Volt or ride a bike 190 miles in one day?
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Old 04-20-2012, 10:18 AM   #83 (permalink)
Cyborg ECU
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Originally Posted by Grant-53 View Post
So is everyone agreed that nobody wants drive a Volt or ride a bike 190 miles in one day?
No. The Volt is a remarkable car, and I'm really glad it's being built. It is just at too high a price point for me, but clearly it is selling again, since it is in production again and is exceeding its sales targets. Those who want it enough to pay its price may never buy another gallon of gasoline again if they drive it with enough intelligence and for the right commuter application.

GM is finally on a better research and development path. Rescuing the company was politically right, economically necessary, and profitable for its investors, its employees, and the US public (which got a return on investment in the rescue).

Anyone who doesn't want a Tesla Roadster can buy something else to get a fast and "sexy" car and probably pay less than $120,000; that does not make the roadster a bad car; it just makes it what you buy if it is what you want.

Wow, this thread got seriously and completely off topic! From what I can see, this is not "the lounge" part of the forum.
See my car's mod & maintenance thread and my electric bicycle's thread for ongoing projects. I will rebuild Black and Green over decades as parts die, until it becomes a different car of roughly the same shape and color. My minimum fuel economy goal is 55 mpg while averaging posted speed limits. I generally top 60 mpg. See also my Honda manual transmission specs thread.

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Old 04-20-2012, 12:42 PM   #84 (permalink)
The road not so traveled
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Would I ride my bike 190 miles in one day... nope, not even sure I would be able too. The most I have ever done was 75 and I was hurting after that.

Would I drive a chevy volt 190miles plus in one day... yep and to go further I would just fill up the tank and go.

GM didn't hit the ball out of the park with it, but it isnt the total failure that many are calling it, and it is a step in the right direction.
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Drive less save more
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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Tour de France? Yeah, if you're in the top 0.001% of the population, physically, and have a team/sponsor to support you while you train full time, then you can do that. Personally, I think about 130 miles is about the most I've done in a day - and that was starting at about the 6000 ft level in Sequoia NP, and riding down through the San Joaquin valley. And frankly, after about 80 miles in a day, it stops being fun.
For me 70 miles in a day is about right. meaning I am not to beat up and actually had a fun ride. Seems i am about par with you and -The enemy- This article pointed out all of the bad in the volt and excluded 100% of the good of the vehicle. Not many people pointed out the good of it, oddly enough.
Save gas
Ride a Mtn bike for errands exercise entertainment and outright fun

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Old 04-20-2012, 10:56 PM   #86 (permalink)
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We are holding off on buying any car right now.

But... I did like the Volt, its a strong contenter. I live a distance from the big city and if I wanted to go the current offerings in electric just wont make the round trip. (I cant afford a Tesla)

I would love to find a charging station at the mall. I would also suspect that I was on the wrong planet. (I live in the midwest)

I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure .

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Old 04-21-2012, 07:47 PM   #87 (permalink)
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My tongue was firmly in my cheek

The experience of being a Corvair owner did affect my view of how car companies operate. Cars like the Volt or Leaf will either find their niche or disappear.

I love my bike and expect to double the efficiency by adding front and rear fairings but I don't expect to cruise much above 25 mph.
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Old 04-21-2012, 08:06 PM   #88 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Grant-53 View Post
So is everyone agreed that nobody wants drive a Volt or ride a bike 190 miles in one day?
NO. What's the big deal? Set on your butt and wait for a charge. Not very challenging in my book, but then this is USA 2012 not 1970. But if the car was half the price, I'd probably buy one and shoot for 200 just to set the net a buzz

YES. Now shooting for 190 on my bike, Hell yes that sounds like a REAL challenge I'm heading across country in 9 days, I think I'll add a shot at 190 somewhere along the line.

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