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Originally Posted by ChopStix View Post
I just set my cruise control and go. I do 60 in a 60, 30 in a 30, 65 in a 70, etc.
Most of the time I'm pissed because others are going slower than me!

I was just doing 65 in a 65, and had to keep in the right lane so everyone going 75+ wouldn't tailgate and could pass me. Are people just using common sense where you drive, or is there a lot of enforcement?

I understand people want to get to their destination, but besides fuel economy, it's a safety issue too.

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Majority of drivers throw away whatever has been learned about safety when driving a vehicle, most BELIEVE "they can stop on a dime" anytime they want.
Here in this forum plus others, we know better..., I believe ! (?)

Vehicular velocity is not a matter, they don't see or tangibly sense it until after the fact of an altercation, sometimes too late(death, dismemberment or disability).

>Returning to post..., staying close to posted speeds is safe, way safer but also better since machinery and economics last longer/MPG's !

Pulling next to that vehicle that cut "you" off because "we" we're driving too slow gives a comforting feeling...
Thanks Mr. stoplight 😃 !
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Originally Posted by Gasoline Fumes View Post
I had another pissed driver experience. I was waiting in line to enter a State Park. Gotta pay $8 at the booth. About 10 cars in line. I would wait until there was a couple of car lengths in front of me before restarting and moving forward. Car behind me beeped. Then the next time I let a gap build, they tried to go around me. I had to move over to block them! I don't think they know how lines work. I'm not sure they understand time or space either. Only one car can be at the booth.
Stay out of SLC, Utah. Those people... OMG. I've never seen such short-tempered and aggressive drivers in my entire life (including Phoenix and LA drivers...). I've also never roadraged that bad ever either. I'll never drive there again. EVER.

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Not Doug
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Cars always inch forward while stopped. They must kid themselves it is actually progress!

As I mentioned, a police officer told me it is reckless to drive slower than traffic (AKA) the speed limit because I force traffic to go around me.
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gumby79 (10-08-2016)
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This afternoon while traveling south of Birmingham on I-65, I passed a guy reading a newspaper that nearly fully blocked his forward vision. This was in fairly heavy traffic. I did a double take, as at first I didn't believe what I was seeing.
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Rat Racer
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Am I a bad person for wanting something from hornblasters.com after reading that one?

Originally Posted by sheepdog44 View Post
Transmission type Efficiency
Manual neutral engine off.100% @MPG <----- Fun Fact.
Manual 1:1 gear ratio .......98%
CVT belt ............................88%
Automatic .........................86%

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Joggernot (08-11-2016)
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Originally Posted by MobilOne View Post
This afternoon while traveling south of Birmingham on I-65, I passed a guy reading a newspaper that nearly fully blocked his forward vision. This was in fairly heavy traffic. I did a double take, as at first I didn't believe what I was seeing.
I once saw exactly the same on I-294 past Chicago. I was going over 70, he passed me on the right going 85+ while reading the newspaper and giving me the one finger salute.
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Yes at times I get really pissed off!

Sometimes even people on quiet dual carriage ways, where passing is a matter of changing lanes run right up my ass hang there for a while flash there lights then pass.

Sometimes I pull on to the shoulder to let them passed, hopefully showering them with rocks, even though we're driving on a low traffic single direction two lane road.
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Today I was at a red light. It turned green and I went, but you know, not accelerating fast. Well a quarter mile ahead the next light turned red, so I stopped accelerating. The guy behind me tailgated me like maybe 3 feet back as I coasted to the light, which turned green before I got to it, meaning I hit the light at 35kmh. I really don't think the guy behind me was impressed though. I'm surprised he didn't join a couple other people in the left lane who drove really fast up to the red light and stopped while I was still drifting towards it.
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Here in finland I experience a crapload of overtakes. There is a social bias on Vaz:es, peoples mindsets is that that these cars are ****e, frequently breaking junkers.

Kind of a eastern AMC Pacer I think?

(The ACTUAL reason why vaz/Lada was crap is because it was cheap, so people wouldn't bother to take care of them, maintain or rust proof them. So they usually were already in bad shape from the first owner)

Most frequently it's a Audi, BMW's, or relatively new car that tend to overtake me.

And if I drive behind a semi they usually pass that too in the same overtake. Seen helluva lot of last minute lane merging

I wonder if I should install my dash cam again and make a thread about finnish traffic culture, and post vids of best overtakes.

I don't use P&G on highways because people get so angry.

Funniest thing that have passed me must be a 1.0 Daewoo Matiz.

If you don't make any mistakes in your life,
life itself will be a f*ckup.

With Volvo to Valhalla and back!

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