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Old 09-30-2009, 01:38 PM   #31 (permalink)
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AlienMobile - '00 Honda Insight
Team Honda
90 day: 80.05 mpg (US)
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While working on my Insight, I rode the motorcycle to work. In the quest for maximum mpg's, I started turning off the engine when coasting to stops out in the country. Just before stopping, I would pop the clutch, restart the engine, make the stop and take off slowly again.

After practice, this got to be fairly easy to repeat on a daily basis. MPG's went from 70 to 75mpg on an old VF500 Honda, with 115,000 miles on the clock.


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Old 11-11-2009, 05:43 AM   #32 (permalink)
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three tanks in a row, 42+ mpg.

Still trying to crack 45... its elusive

also had my first 400+ mile tank. 445 miles on 10.203 gal. that means i still had a little over 2 gallons left... coulda hit 500
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Old 12-18-2009, 03:59 PM   #33 (permalink)
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Hey, new to this forum, very cool!
My 1999 Honda Accord 2.3L. got about 28 MPG average when it was brand new. 10 years and 170,000 miles later, it is consistently getting 30-31 MPG. I changed out the stock air filter box, and installed a cold air intake, with a reusable K&N air filter. Made the mileage go up a little, but did wonders for throttle response (not that I drive like an animal). I am constantly maintaining this car, as I want it to go for another 100,000 miles. Just adjusted the valve clearances, and am getting about 1 mpg better. For all you DIY types out there: if you have a car that does not have hydraulically lifted valve rockers, the clearances can be adjusted, and doing so makes the engine run much cleaner, and more efficiently. Over time, the intake valves shrink, and the exhaust valves stretch, so adjusting those clearances back to the factory settings every now and then makes a huge difference. Since I have a 37 mile commute 1 way, keeping my car in top condition is not only saving money, but also the environment, and you just have to love that.
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Crappy Gas Pipe - '84 Mercedes 300D Turbo 230k Miles
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Talking the more I save the more I

Although getting 42 MPG was better than the normal 32 MPG,(96 Nisan Sentra GXE 1.6 ltr.) the hypermiling killed my starter, 07' battery and ignition switch. Wonder how many miles I could have driven on the $584 I spent on the repares?
Cant win! I just sold my 1984 Mecedes 300D tubo GreaseCar because even though 131 MPG diesel saves a lot on fuel, I spent over $1,700 a year to keep the car on the road. x 4 years.
If I put all the money I wasted to get better MPGs and just bought bionic legs, I could bike to work. Thats like getting 1 billion miles per gallon.
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Old 12-19-2009, 09:02 PM   #35 (permalink)
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Green Machine - '96 Ford Contour GL
90 day: 34.9 mpg (US)
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Not sure what happened the last few days but I was almost at 300 (298) miles on 1/2 tank. Since my tank only holds 14 gals I thought "Thats strange, no way I could be getting 42 mpg, I wonder if the gas gauge is broke now"...well my curiosity got me at the next available station, I filled up, exactly 7 gals, that put me at just over 42 MPG!!!!! My 40 mpg mark has now been moved to 45...cant figure out what I did this week except there was no snow/slush and I payed real close attention to my new vacuum gauge on acceleration and climbing hills. Not going to complain though!! It did snow today so next tank will probably suck at 32 mpg...didn thtink I would ever think 32 mpg sucked!!...LOL
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Old 12-24-2009, 06:55 PM   #36 (permalink)
Cycling more to drive les
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White 'rolla - '05 Toyota Corolla LE
90 day: 44.39 mpg (US)
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Filled up this morning (hopefully the last one for the year) and got 42.2mpg . I'm definitely happy about it because the average temp for this tank 29.8 F with the low of 4.7 F. These are the coldest averages so far this winter. I installed wheel disc covers at the beginning of this tank, which have seemed to help out. I also started to do some NICE-on coasting.

Corolla aeromods thread:
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Old 02-03-2010, 01:24 AM   #37 (permalink)
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Rondo - '07 Kia Rondo EX
Last 3: 20.47 mpg (US)

Tinkertoy2 - '00 Toyota Echo base
Team Toyota
Last 3: 46.03 mpg (US)
Thanks: 39
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this is not really about personal success, but Iv'e been seeing more members on the Kia Forum that I frequent discussing ways to improve mileage and have managed to get a few looking at this site as a means to get there.
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Racer XD - '06 Hyundi Elantra GT
Team Hyundai
90 day: 33.26 mpg (US)

Racer XD 2013 - '06 Hyundi Elantra GT
90 day: 31.48 mpg (US)

Racer XD 2014 - '06 Hyundi Elantra GT
90 day: 34.2 mpg (US)

Racer XD 2012 - '06 Hyundi Elantra GT

Racer XD 2011 - '06 Hyundi Elantra GT
Thanks: 3
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This is my best trip so far. Maybe my best tank so far. I was coming down I-80 from park city (parlies canyon). I usually for get to p&g but this time I did. I didn't need to use the gas the only reason I went back in to gear was to keep me from going 90+ mph. I was coasting in an out of gear. When I got off of I-80 my scangauge said 53.5 mpg for 30 miles. On I-15 I just stuck the cruise control at 60 and kept it didn't need to change it till the just before I got off. Lost a few mpg but still really good. By the time I reached my destination I was at 50.1 mpg for 44.7 miles. And I think that should be higher because my scangauge is not calibrated all the way yet.

2006 Hyundai Elantra GT 2.0L (Manual)
Weapon-R secret weapon intake with ram air kit ScanGauge Belly Pan

http://www.cars.com/ City 27 mpg - Highway 34 mpg
http://www.fueleconomy.gov/ City 23 mpg - Highway 31 mpg - Combined 26 mpg

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Old 02-09-2010, 09:16 PM   #39 (permalink)
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Big Orange Work Truck - '83 Ford F-250
90 day: 27.54 mpg (US)

Jessica's - '04 Toyota Matrix
90 day: 41.21 mpg (US)

Ninjette - '01 Kawasaki Ninja EX250R
Thanks: 44
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7 months ago I ordered a bumper sticker that read "26mpg",
which was my absolute highest single tank average, obtained running all highway miles with no load in the truck.
At the time I thought I was just about topped out on what I could get out of it.

Today I updated my mileage log here at ecomodder, and both my 90 day and last 3 tank averages are above 26
- an overall average that includes lots of city driving, large un-aero loads (like the one in my picture) and multi-ton loads - as well as one "high speed" (for me) run of 50 miles when I was running late.
So now I don't have to qualify the sticker when someone comments on it with "maximum" or "if its empty"

Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
A few months ago I returned home just as my neighbor pulled into his driveway. It was cold (around freezing) with some rain and sleet, and he yells to me: You rode your bike? In this weather?!?

So the other day we both returned home at the same time again, only now the weather is warm, sunny, with no wind. And I yell to him: You took the car? In this weather?!?
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Old 03-11-2010, 03:06 PM   #40 (permalink)
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72.3 MPG indicated today for 39.6 miles. Temps in the mid 60s. We haven't seen it this warm since last Haloween.

EPA combined is 47 MPG.

Average speed about 40 MPH 35-47 range.

Heard the cooling fan running as I backed into the garage, so I took out the radiator block and reconnected the stock air intake snorkel.

I'll see how it does tomorrow on the same basic trip.


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