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Old 10-05-2009, 01:47 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by wagonman76 View Post
And putting even more of Michigan out of work. We already lead the nation in unemployment.
Things are tough all over, unfortunately. I don't think it's the responsibility of the rest of the country to make sure people can have jobs in Michigan.

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Originally Posted by wagonman76 View Post
And putting even more of Michigan out of work.
Not necessarily. After all, people are still going to buy cars, and those cars will need to be built. So the factories will need to be somewhere, even though they have names like Honda and Toyota (or perhaps Tesla, or something Chinese) on them. And why not in Michigan?

As for the OP comment about posting plans & schematics of the Volt, there's nothing really secret, or even that innovative, about the basic design. That was done back in the '70s. Some of it was even done by GM: if you search, you can find info on their "Stirlec" hybrid, a design much more advanced than the Volt.
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GM does not want to build electric cars. They will find any and every excuse to avoid it. When the volt concept came out I predicted the volt would never hit the showroom floor for outright sale and I stand by that.

Having said that I hope I'm proven wrong.
Vortex generators don't work? LOL. Sure thing, buddy. Clearly, you have not tested my new vortex alternators.

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Look at the date on this letter and read the contents.

Basically they told me to give them my idea, and then they would decide if they wanted to consider any financial agreement.

Anyone here want to give me their house or their car, and then I will decide what it is worth?

Now just over 5 years later they are getting my money, most of which was a payoff to the unions so they would have any retirement fund whatsoever.

They should have spent an hour of their precious time and listened to someone who has a good idea.

GM was the first US manufacturer I tried to contact.

The Volt was a joke from the beginning. California just basically told all the BEV vehicle manufacturers they have to warranty their batteries for 10 years.
No Lithium battery will last that long, so their only option is to charge you in advance for the number of batteries they calculate it will take to make it to the 10 year point.

If GM had listened in 2004, they could have a head start on beating the rest of the world to the real practical hydraulic hybrid. You could be driving one today.

Let em drown in their own arrogance. I would still like to see any US manufacturer actually sit down and listen to me, but you can bet they will have to sign a non disclosure agreement.

It doesn't matter to me now after 5 years of trying to get one of them to listen. I may just go to the Chinese and give them the technology, they will steal it anyway.

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Nice to see the interest in this subject.

Oh, I did not post the more informative, and the original source of this information which can be found here: GM admits Volt doubts - Autocar.co.uk

Old Mechanic: Some of that money went to bond holders if I'm not mistaken, and I'm always hearing from the retirees how they feel they got the shaft and the working guys got a better deal. This makes sense because the retirees can not vote in union matters, only the UAW members that are still working for GM. It's funny to me to hear both sides on this. On one side we often hear from people that claim the union bought the President etc...

And, I know for a fact the retirees mostly feel they got the shaft and many openly express their anger in the UAW newspaper which I have read. Many GM Retirees express their anger at The President. Shesh, please nobody dig any deeper into politics than me, because I wold hate to see this thread go bad..... It's just strange when I hear voices from opposite sides both expressing anger to the same person in Politics (or such members). Wow is this country ever more polarized than ever, I feel like it's 1861.

Great points about this being a ploy by G.M. for more money. You can bet the UAW is full of anger right now, they seem to feel betrayed by everyone and many voice their anger in publications. What top levels of management at GM says very well could be a ploy. Many wonder why they were in bankruptcy for like 60 days! How many businesses go in and out of bankruptcy so quick? Many think it was a ploy to get more from the union. I can tell you first hand that it appears many of their members are just as angry as the average taxpayers are at GM. GM is almost as popular as Health Insurance Companies right now, it seems even their "friends" do not trust them fully. And I happen to be one of those guys.


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So after soaking up how many millions (or is it Billions?) from the govt for PREVIOUS econo programs like PNGV and whatever the successor was, GM is saying we still don't know what to do until we get that next grant?!?

GM has been relying on the greatness built by their predecessors for waaaaay to long. Now they can go to ****; they are no longer worthy.

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Originally Posted by Bicycle Bob View Post
And they should un-crush the EV-1s.
...+1,000% or maybe a commercial version of the SunRaycer they helped develop and ran across Australia! We got lots of SOLAR photons here in Arid-zona.
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Seriously guys... why is everyone so surprised lol
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We need to go up and punch GM's CEO in the face.

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