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Originally Posted by Arragonis
Avoid kits unless very simple like Lotus 6, 7 or 11.
I saw some (real) Lotus at a meet once, that I could stick my fingers half-way into the door gap.

I'd consider the manufacturer before the clonee. These kits from the 70s need a lot of detail work; the whole interior for instance. And 10 pounds of steel for the door hinges.

The Fad T has been around forever, this one was a short-course racer in LA in 1971.


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Great Caesars Ghost! As a scrawny dude I have to say the cat in that picture has some serious guns on him haha, back in the days before D-ball was a thing anyone knew about! Can't say I am a big fan of the T Bucket thing he is lifting up though, I'm sure it's lightweight and all, but not my thing in the least. But I wouldn't tell him that haha.
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It's rear-engined. Figure 1200lb and 66-33% weight distribution. That would be 400 pounds. He probably had two guys help with the lift who stepped out of the frame. Probably.

I'm not a fan of the Fad T (no elbow room), either; but I used to watch 77 Sunset Strip in black and white. OTOH it's a Volksrod.

The HAMB thread it's linked from settled on the Lotus 6 or 7 clones. Arragonis will appreciate that. There was a cut-off date in the racing class of 1955, so the Lotus 6 (1952) qualifies, but the Seven (with the clamshell fenders) doesn't.
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Old 07-27-2015, 05:57 PM   #904 (permalink)
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Saw this the other day in the parking lot at the local Home Depot.

Can anybody guess what it is???

Hint: It's an EV and as you can see it is at least partially solar powered with that huge solar panel built into the roof!
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(EDIT d....t! beaten to it )
A few months ago one of those was using our company's charging point. As it was one of our clients' cars I decided not to take a picture, but I did look it over pretty thoroughly

Yet if someone gave it to me I'd trade it for a Tesla
The roof is not that big, also it looks a bit smallish inside.
It would be hard to seat adults in the back, for more than one reason.
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I took some days off in Florianópolis and have seen a BMW i8 on the wild for the first time, but wasn't able to take a pic. Yesterday I spotted a hybrid bus for the first time here in Porto Alegre, I know it doesn't fall into a strict definition of car but it really caught my attention.

And it runs on biodiesel.
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Old 07-28-2015, 12:13 PM   #908 (permalink)
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That's a nice bus. They have had a few busses here with hybrid drives, the same as the Tahoe hybrid with the electric motors built into the transmission. They actually used the same transmission. That would make me feel better about the reliability of the Tahoe if it's strong enough for city bus usage. I couldn't quickly find info on how Volvo trucks are accomplishing hybrid drive.
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Originally Posted by Insight for life View Post
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I see these now and then. There seem to be two or three in my immediate area. The sound of the engine is weird. It is not quiet. I can't describe it. Some sort of cross between a batmobile and a battlestar galactica sound track type sound. Totally distinctive production car. Kinda a cool expression of the moment in auto history.
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Spotted today! I saw this jewel in my office parking lot today and immediately thought it had to be someone on here. The obvious mods are rear skirts, Kamm, smooth wheel covers, and grill block. It also a ScanGauge II inside. I left a note, but haven't heard anything...


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