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I was going to mention how hydraulic systems in autos are being replaced with electric. My Prius has no belt-driven accessories (or belt). Electric brake booster, electric power steering, electric AC...

Hydraulic systems are expensive and need frequent maintenance, and they aren't as efficient as a directly driven system. Trains use electric motors and have extreme torque/power requirements over a range of speeds. It seems many other things traditionally moved by hydraulic systems could be electrified. Not only would it be more efficient, but it might be cheaper in the long run due to eliminating maintenance of hydraulic systems.

Gas and Electric Vehicle Cost of Ownership Calculator

Give me absolute safety, or give me death!

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Electric forklifts are widespread but mainly because they work indoors. We also have many electric "mules" to tow equipment around. Excavators actually sit in a small area for a long time, they could separate the power supply battery into a "trailer" like pod on it's own wheels. They could have multiple pods that go back to a charging station on their own to recharge without having to move the entire bulk of the machine. The pods could even call for a replacement and autonomously move to and from the charging station giving just a short stoppage on the machine.
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aerohead (04-10-2019)
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a carbon capture pilot plant,British Columbia

The October 2018 Motor Trend,page 24,offered a 1-page article,by Frank Marcus,about a three-year-old Stacked direct air capture (DAC),CO2-to-gasoline pilot plant in British Columbia.
Harvard Professor,David Keith is the founder of Carbon Engineering's plant,and Bill Gates has been underwriting the venture.
The facility pulls carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and converts it to liquid fuel.
Dr. Keith has incorporated elements from cooling towers,pulp/paper mills,water treatment,gold extraction,and the Fischer-Tropsch gas-to-liquid technology.
*30% of energy is used to scrub the carbon from the air,and the other 70% is to produce hydrogen to combine into the long chain hydrocarbon.
*When scaled for commercial production,the facility is targeting 300,000 metric tonnes per year scrubbing and 2,000-barrels gasoline per day.
*4,195,205 CFM of air will flow through the tower.
*They'll harvest 300-ppmv of the 400 ppmv carbon at about zero% efficiency of the air stream,as we're talking about 300ppmv out of 1-million ppmv.
*Total energy for the entire process is about 6.5-MWh/metric tonne.
*They'll use wind and solar for the electricity to run the plant.
*It would take 4,909 of these plants to cover carbon emissions for America's light vehicle fleet,and 31.912 GWh/year.
*The thermal efficiency of the plant is around 45%.
*every 100 units of energy out requires 55 units of energy in.
*The feedstock is free.
*The Earth boundary layer is free.
*After 5-10-years the input energy will be free.
*There won't be any grid losses,as power is generated onsite.
*Potassium and calcium used in carbon capture the will be perpetually recycled.
*Before breakeven,the renewable power will be 3.569-cents per kWh.
*After breakeven,this power will cost them 1.446-cents per kWh.
*For what they can sell the fuel for,it will be competitive on a carbon-intensity basis,as defined under California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard,as compared to corn ethanol.
*If it weren't for the renewable power,they probably couldn't pull this off.
*This technology appears to be the most impressive and doable,as Frank Marcus has seen so far.
*Carbon Engineering's cost projections are listed in the Joule energy journal.
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Sounds like a good application for nuclear power.
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Nuclear and wind/solar/tidal need to be frenemies.

Originally Posted by Hersbird
The pods could even call for a replacement and autonomously move to and from the charging station giving just a short stoppage on the machine.
Go the extra step and make them hot-swappable.

There're three articles from March at Cool Planet I need to catch up on.


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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
*The thermal efficiency of the plant is around 45%.
*every 100 units of energy out requires 55 units of energy in.
Perpetual Motion?
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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
This is in Nieuwegein, right?

I knew he would win as soon as I saw the Democratic opponent name-check Pepe the frog from the podium. Shadilay, remember?

For some reason, this morning Suspicious 0bservers pointed back to the February 2019 video on Fatal Flaw In Climate Change Science, with emphasis on the anti-pollution aspect.

Temperature is only one threat to our comfort and safety.
I watched for 4-minutes.
When he went to 1979,I lost interest.
The solar insolation data up to that time was off my an order of magnitude,and subsequent modelling wasn't accomplished with any data recorded before 1999.The early radiometers/data weren't accurate enough.
Up to 9-minutes,we're into space weather.Bear in mind that 'climate' is only 17-kilometers high.Other than what happens in the lower stratosphere,what happens above doesn't impact the tropopause,and on down to the Earth's surface.
Also,the ozone layer filters out quite a bit of the solar spectra arriving from space,allowing only certain bandwidths to penetrate,which are converted to long-wave infrared,then partially captured by greenhouse gases as they try and make it to space.
Byproducts of cosmic ray bombardment do affect cloud condensation nuclei and the stratospheric albedo,but this is accounted for in the climate models as well as water vapor.
Up to 25-minutes now and he's talking about space weather coupling to climate and so far,in the peer-reviewed science journals there's no mention of space weather having anything to do with climate other than what I've already mentioned.
Convection is responsible for the vertical mixing of the 17-km air column.A good supercell can punch upwards of 22-km,bringing a lot of energy with it.
I'll have to leave this here for another week,as Saturday is the only day a week that I have available audio.
Up to 30-minutes and solar insolation and medium-energy cosmic particles are responsible for climate change.
*Solar irradiance is not a function of sunspots.
*Not all insolation maxima lead to interglacials.
*Some prominant solar insolation peaks are associated with incomplete deglaciations.
*Entire 11-year sunspot cycles can pass with zero change to irradiance.
*Giles Harrison of Reading University researched cosmic-ray-cloud data for 50-years,over the UK,and found a small,but small correlation to climate.
*Light leaving the Sun can move 750-times faster than a solar flare or coronal mass ejection.A solar flare or CME cannot have an immediate affect on Earth.They can take over 4-days to reach Earth.
*Earth is shielded from most cosmic radiation by the solar-wind flow and Interplanetary Magnetic Field.
*Relatively little cosmic radiation reaches Earth's surface.
*Electron-type neutrinos transform to Muon-type neutrinos and go undetected unless with a Gallium detector.
*Tau-type neutrinos can transform to Muon-type,and go undetected unless by a Gallium type detector.
*Medium-energy electrons would never make it through the atmosphere.
*The atmosphere is completely opaque to X-ray radiation,it could never make it to the surface of Earth.
*The most important solar-Earth climate coupling goes unmentioned in the video.
*Space weather has very little to do with Climate,as it happens around 400-miles above the climate.
*There are 2.4-million -year solar cycles.
*There are two,1.2-million-year solar cycles
*There is a 100,000-year solar cycle
*There is a 96,000-year solar cycle
*There is a 41,000-year solar cycle
*There is a 23,000-year solar cycle
All of these need to be accounted for in the video.
At 32:3 we're at the global electric circuit and climate
*The Local Group circuit?
*The intergalactic circuit?
*The intragalactic circuit?
*The interplanetary circuit?
*The solar/Earth circuit?
*Solar 'fireflies'/Earth circuit?
*Fast Radio Burst circuit?
*Ultra-high-energy cosmic particle circuit?
*Gamma-ray radiation circuit?
Earth is affected by all of them.
At 36:50,solar irradiance is given as the overriding driver for climate change,whereas the National Academy of Science discounts all solar radiometric data sets recorded before 1994.labelled as deficient enough in accuracy such that they be excluded from models.
We didn't have space-based observations until 1978,and some of those radiometers data was so bad it couldn't be used without fudge factors.
At 37:2 the scientists are guilty of 'falsely modulating down' the impact of irradiance during solar maximums.
*Perhaps the fact has escaped the presenter,that during solar maximums,upper atmospheric photo-chemistry produces an increase in ozone,which blocks the increased ultraviolet radiation from reaching the ground where it would otherwise be converted to infrared,actually 'cooling' things.
Well,having completed this journey,I'd say that these people are free to think and say whatever they want.
I don't know how more dangerous they could be,and ignorant,and completely out of command of knowledge on the issue.
This is what you get when you stray from peer-reviewed scientific work,and enter the netherworld of untethered junk-science.
The most dangerous men in America.
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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Sounds like a good application for nuclear power.
A number of climate scientists go as far as advocating that almost all existing nuclear power be used towards carbon mitigation,as well as adding additional nuclear capacity.
It's likely a public relations challenge more than anything else.
If this were the 1970s,you'd see full-page ads by the nuclear power industry,advocating for permits and new construction,while explaining the situation in lay terms.
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perpetual motion

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Perpetual Motion?
I probably failed at conveying the inefficiency of their process,by attempting to represent it in the manner that it was communicated in the article.
They pay for the solar and wind hardware,but they never pay for the sunlight or wind.
And the article only accounts for solar and wind-derived energy,not the actual gross solar or wind,pre-conversion inputted energy.
It's a bit of slight of hand.
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Went for a walk the other day and ended up at WalMart. The place was packed with breeders, all but the very youngest sporting 3+ spawn. To avoid puking in the store I hurried outside, where I was greeted by a huge parking lot full of idling V8s. At that moment I had an epiphany. (Ironically enough, the local breeder church calls themselves epiphany church ) The epiphany is... well let me back up a bit. I know preaching about overpopulation and large carbon footprints and such falls on deaf ears unless one is already preaching to the choir. So to a large degree I resigned to simply set an example and hope somebody notices. But it is clear that globally, the message is barely even a blip on the radar, if not due to ignorance then by denial. Then I got slapped upside the head with it at WalMart. The epiphany is when only an insignificant portion of the population are clued in to the reality of now and the near future, their efforts are inadequate. Most live for the moment in a bubble that's very small and defined by how can one maximize their exploitation of everything right now.

I'm not going to start Duggaring- that ship has sailed- but I guess I can just as well become a slob to the limit of my economic ability to pay for it, as it makes no difference to anyone or anything except myself. Park the bicycle, drive the F150 empty for joyrides or two-blocks-away errands... like everyone else. Let it idle for hours on end- why risk exposure to ambient temps! Crank the 'stat in the house and if it gets too warm, open a window! Prepare tons of food and throw 1/2 of it away! Woot Woot!


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