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  1. Shifting into glide!
  2. My sister does not drive for gas mileage
  3. VW 1.6TD Engine Off Coasting
  4. The most ecologic car ever made on history.
  5. Certain 4cyl cars that get bad mileage..
  6. Puma Vedano Driving Shoe Review
  7. Winter fuel-saving driving technique! Handbrake u-turn / parking on snow
  8. 2018 Toyota Camry V6 Highway MPG Drive / 0-60 MPH
  9. Basic Hypermiling video
  10. Mazda3 2.0 Manual can't break 40mpg
  11. Technology used to help win the Tour de France
  12. Technology used to help win the Tour de France
  13. Is accelerating down hills fuel efficient?
  14. Problems with Pulse and Glide.
  15. Coasting struggles
  16. Radio or no radio?
  17. What am I doing wrong.
  18. Driving Shoe Reviews? Footwear can make a difference
  19. Drafting a Transport Truck ... Am I Doing It Right?
  20. New tyres.
  21. How would you accelerate my car? (small turbodiesel)
  22. FIT Lean Burn
  23. No shoes.
  24. Turn radius.
  25. Rain.
  26. Modified Pulse and Glide.
  27. 3 minute traffic light.
  28. Learning my route.
  29. Accelerating for good fuel consumption.
  30. Green traffic lights?
  31. Still needing to use a lot of brakes.
  32. I have a confession to make... (2002 Ford F150XL RWD 4200cc, 4 speed)
  33. Hypermiling with VW 6 spd Automatic
  34. Speed v revs.
  35. Intake Air Temperature.
  36. Draughting.
  37. Traffic lights.
  38. Tyre Pressures.
  39. ScanGauge E fitted.
  40. Problem with Pulse and Glide.
  41. Help Me with Hypermiling.
  42. Thoughts on Hypermiling
  43. Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
  44. It's the other drivers fault.
  45. An investment.
  46. Deceleration Fuel Cut Off
  47. Speed bumps.
  48. Hypermiling and paddleshifters
  49. Regenerative braking speed considerations
  50. Any BSFC for a '99 Polo ?
  51. 1983 f-250 30mpg
  52. Threshold speed for stale red light
  53. Most ecodriving-friendly place you've driven?
  54. "Hypermiling" a Viper - Doug DeMuro
  55. Making a HOW-TO hypermile video... need advice
  56. Mitsubishi Evolution 10 DCT - only 19 MPG
  57. Toyota 1.3 VVT-i driving style tips?
  58. i20 1.1 CRDi mileage
  59. Cummins 6.9L turbo diesel economy
  60. BSFC turbocharged vehicles
  61. Noob questions about pulse and glide
  62. Chevy Sonic LT rental
  63. How is my driving - legacy 3.6L
  64. CNN: How 'hypermiling' can save you a lot of fuel (and the planet)
  65. Fuel injector shutoff while coasting on an automatic?
  66. Do people ever get really pissed off at your Eco driving??
  67. Commute Fuel-Economy Evaluation
  68. Best way to get up to speed?
  69. Pulse and Glide (Coast and Burn) Calculator for EV's
  70. Newbie with a new car
  71. ScanGuage II - Best dash location in your vehicle
  72. Hey Ecomodders! Is anyone interested in doing an interview?
  73. Eco-driving info (college thesis)
  74. Help me drive my diesel car more efficiently
  75. "New" truck, any pointers?
  76. Hypermiling and brake wear (or lack thereof)
  77. Cold Wx lower idle in drive
  78. Manualhybrid
  79. EoC P&G'ers: Method for best MPG?
  80. Why no fast acceleration?
  81. Test of P&G vs DWL
  82. 2014 Ford F-150 Eco Boost 4x4 Cred Cab
  83. Civic HX Lean Burn - Skip Shifts
  84. My car seems to be P&G resistant.
  85. What kind of mpgs do you get in really bad traffic?
  86. Hypermilling an 8% grade?
  87. Most fuel efficient speed for Civic HX?
  88. Manual Automatic Mode
  89. Sad Effort at Hypermiling A Hummer :(
  90. Still getting ****ty mpgs
  91. I cut my mileage in half!
  92. Trucking company gives away new cars to drivers who can get ~10 MPG
  93. EOC = No battery charging. Is this ever an issue?
  94. Push button start hypermiling
  95. ABA test, Tuft test.
  96. Inaccurate Gas Pump?
  97. Tips to find sweet spot
  98. Civic HX Manual trans 1996-2000 Lean burn information
  99. Poor fuel economy over short distances
  100. 4x4 fuel drain, solutions?
  101. coasting in gear or in neutral
  102. Pulse & glide not always better than steady speed in-gear?
  103. Good example of what not to do.
  104. On Coasting (Two interesting papers)
  105. Longer route with steady speed vs. short stop n go route
  106. Which of these 3 routes is most efficient?
  107. Engine warm-up FAIL
  108. New route win!
  109. Unnecessary weight on board
  110. Engine health. High load high gear vs high load low gear
  111. Another way to save . Leave your car in neutral. cars with manual transmission .
  112. record keeping notebook ~ log book ~ ledger
  113. aeromods and insurance claims question.
  114. engine load vs hills on more powerful cars
  115. When to P&G vs just drive
  116. Hypermiling bumpercam footage
  117. Coasting in gear vs coasting in neutral-04 civic
  118. Audi A3 Diesel, Jalopnik Hypermiling competitor
  119. Looking for opinions on my commute route
  120. Article: "2015 Subaru BRZ offers huge surprise in mpg marathon"
  121. Windows up in town worth it?
  122. delete
  123. 93 probe gt
  124. neutral or not to neutral
  125. Driving without traction control? Gearing up and down
  126. Coast in gear or in neutral?
  127. What is the optimum tyre pressure for fuel economy?
  128. What is the optimum speed for highway / Motorway travel?
  129. Over square operation and Specific Range
  130. For all you EOCers: after a cold start when do YOU start EOCing?
  131. True Story. If I didn't have a significant other I'd remove....
  132. How far over MFR recommended for pressure is ok w/o destroying tires?
  133. So you don't have a ScanGauge II. Hmm What r u waiting 4? Quick read!
  134. Is this true? (Instantaneous MPG higher at 60-65 versus 50-55 using DWL)
  135. Manual vs. automatic transmission MPG showdown: Nissan Micra 1.6L
  136. Is it ok to brake after coasting towards a stop?
  137. steep downhill coasting
  138. Engine On Coasting and Effects on an Automatic Transmission
  139. What causes an engine to lug?
  140. racers line and ecoline minutia
  141. How To Hypermile in neighborhoods?
  142. Driving in hot weather: Chillows?
  143. What RPM range do I accelerate and shift for best fuel economy?
  144. Display shows increased mpg with higher rpm
  145. coasting more efficient than regen: Audi
  146. BSFC chart for '95 Geo/Corolla
  147. boost gauge?
  148. Does EOC cause M/T wear?
  149. Fast or Slow Acceleration? Test Results
  150. Made a video driving from the store to the house.
  151. 55mph not drafting vs 65mph drafting
  152. engine off and coast question
  153. just broke 40mpg on this tank today!
  154. TDI, better MPG from hard acceleration?
  155. forcing yourself to save fuel
  156. Do manuals coast farther then automatics?
  157. 1252 MPG via UltraGauge* (screen glitch)
  158. carbureted throttle / gear possition
  159. low speed high gear
  160. Fuel, DFCO, Timing and EGR tuning
  161. Gov. Dayton eliminates neutral coasting law in MN
  162. Scangauge- worthy for diesel?
  163. Realistic max MPG for a 1390cc Volkswagen Polo
  164. 3rd Gen Prius (2010) Hypermilling via Hybrid System Indicator
  165. Coasting: in gear vs. neutral
  166. Made in the USA
  167. Everything you ever wanted to know about tires
  168. How To: Accelerate?
  169. p&g engine on manual transmission
  170. Tailgating gone bad!!!
  171. Increasing MPG by combining P&G & DFCO
  172. how to smoothly shift back into gear from coasting in neutral (with engine running)
  173. Squeezing extra MPG out of P&G (EOC WHILE KEEPING THE CAR ON??)
  174. Need advice regarding vacuum when accelerating
  175. Uphill/Downhill P-and-G
  176. 55.1 indicated today
  177. Different Delivery Driver's problems (SC Buick PA town only advice)
  178. Best P&G technique with low peak torque (turbo engine)?
  179. How do I know if my car uses DFCO?
  180. Conservation of momentum at its best (citroen AX diesel content)!
  181. Delivery Driver's Problems ('96 Civic CX ... seeking advice)
  182. Nice summary of mileage stretching
  183. There is no DFCO entry on Wikipedia
  184. hypermiling on hilly curvy roads?
  185. An Article on Various Fuel Saving Tips
  186. Engine load vs rpm? (Climbing: hold top gear at very high load, or downshift?)
  187. Target driving, what am I doing wrong?
  188. Why is 'driving with load' better than constant speed
  189. 9999 seems better
  190. How to slow down?
  191. Shift points: EPA testing of manual transmissions (why beating MT ratings is easier)
  192. City ecodriving comparison: 2014 Mirage CVT vs. Mirage 5-speed vs. 1998 Metro 5-speed
  193. Wierd problem when P&G used extensively - '01 Civic
  194. Acceleration Efficiency Tests (Subaru AWD)
  195. 4-way stops vs. roundabouts: which is more efficient? Mythbusters tests both (vid)
  196. Optimum acceleration with auto-manual
  197. Tested: The Most Efficient Way To Accelerate With An Automatic (Toyota Matrix)
  198. The FINAL word on DFCO (sorta)
  199. MMPG = Man-miles per gallon
  200. Engine Off Coasting Damaging My Car?
  201. Safe Efficient Cruise modification
  202. Tried a little EOC today
  203. Saturn experts? DFCO parameters?
  204. Quick vs Gradual Acceleration in large vehicles.
  205. Hypermiling etiquette
  206. MN man has liscense revoked for driving too slowly
  207. Auto Questions
  208. Economics of hypermiling vs. vehicle longevity
  209. higher engine load ok for hypermiling?
  210. Do you resist the urge to prematurely top off?
  211. Gas guzzling 1993 Chevy Lumina, need tips
  212. I have begun
  213. 2013 Accord MPG at 75mph 65mph bike rack + bicycles quantified (video)
  214. Hypermiling while towing
  215. How short of a coast will you bother to EOC?
  216. VW TSi 1.4L 103kw BSFC and tips needed
  217. Hypermiling a 2012 Malibu LT (4 cyl auto)
  218. "I drive 55mph" on the 65mph interstate.
  219. Red lining
  220. I'm on board
  221. It only gets colder from here...
  222. Info sign with tear-offs
  223. throttle tap to initiate DFCO
  224. Decoding & Breaking Down the 1ZZ-FE Engine BSFC
  225. Pulse & glide video. 0-70 mpg in 2 miles
  226. ford focus 40/45mpg
  227. A boast and an oddity query
  228. Hypermiling Awareness Tear-Off Printout/Cards/Etc?
  229. Sustained Hill Climb Strategy
  230. My mpg challenge: Grand Caravan, loaded to the roof + camper on the back!
  231. Why braking affects fuel economy for beginners along with tips
  232. Best Economy on Gravel
  233. GBR attempt: Lowest Fuel Consumption - 48 states (2013 VW Passat TDI)
  234. Let's hear about YOUR morning drive!
  235. new to hypermiling
  236. How much can I save from P&G
  237. This could be interesting. 2013 Eco Run AJAC
  238. At which RPM to shift ?
  239. My Road Speed Lessons on the Highway
  240. Killswitch on ranger
  241. best technique in hilly terrain, and HP vs SFC for long climbs
  242. whats the ideal P&G cycle? best % FE increase?
  243. new to manuals, what fuel efficient driving techniques are there?
  244. EOC restarting tip
  245. What's your longest eoc?
  246. Starter motor
  247. Hypermiling Newbie!
  248. I got my gauge... now what?
  249. 10 degree C change and no MPG change?
  250. driving under load questions