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  1. 2010 Silverado Hybrid
  2. 2022 Toyota Tundra Hybrid
  3. going slower uses more gas. what??
  4. Toyota Aqua
  5. Best way to build a hybrid truck?
  6. PHEV Thermal Efficiency
  7. Priuses(?) on the Highway
  8. GEN5 Prius coming the end of next year, lower coefficient of drag and better efficiency
  9. Hybrid vehicles sitting for a long time?
  10. Ford Maverick hybrid pickup starts at $20,000
  11. Ford's new hybrid Maverick: A 40 MPG pickup for $20,000.
  12. What ever happened to HHV technology?
  13. Bought a 2021 Pacifica PHEV today
  14. Project Lithium NiMH to LiFePO4 conversion for Toyotas
  15. Best Used Plug In Hybrid
  16. cheaper pancake PMACs and controllers?
  17. Should I Buy This 2000 Insight?
  18. LRR Tires Make a Huge difference
  19. Toyota Auris Build Thread
  20. Gas prices?
  21. Using Rav4 rear drive to hybridize a Ridgeline?
  22. A truck is not always needed
  23. Horses and Toyota hybrid power split questions
  24. How does power add up in a Toyota hybrid?
  25. Electrified Automated P&G
  26. The Impsight: My mischievous little devil of a car. ('00 Insight fixing and modifying)
  27. Video Tutorial How to deep discharge your NiMH Battery pack instead of replacing it (Insight/Civic/Prius)
  28. New XL1 documentary (short and informed)
  29. Mercedes 300 DE - the last diesel hybrid?
  30. Is it time to re-visit solar hybrids?
  31. Hyllion ERX - A Natural Gas Hybrid Electric Semi
  32. Electric auxiliary drive for semi-trailers in Brazil
  33. 2021 Sienna and Venza: now hybrid-only
  34. Insight Gen 1: variable length intake manifold
  35. At what price would you buy a used Fisker Karma?
  36. 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Plug-in Hybrid
  37. Koenigsegg Gemera hybrid
  38. Interested in purchasing first hybrid car!
  39. Great EV to hybrid conversion on a Model 3
  40. Hybrid or hybridize
  41. 2013 Subaru Crosstrek HYBRID - I just bought one
  42. 2nd gen PHEV Prius mkII
  43. Ford hybrid battery timer
  44. Anybody with a Kia Optima or Sonata?
  45. //// TDI Prius OR TDI Corolla ? ////
  46. New Pacifica plug in hybrid for $22,265 after federal tax credit.
  47. Toyota to give royalty-free access to hybrid-vehicle patents
  48. The NYT Rhapsodizes the Original Insight
  49. Aftermarket Wheels Vs Factory Wheels
  50. Prius Solar made me laugh
  51. 2019 Insight vs. Corolla hybrid
  52. Affordable Hybrid Convertible
  53. P & G RAV4 Hybrid observations from a Newbie
  54. Toyota CHR hybrid MODS
  55. 2016-18 vs. 2019 RAV4 Hybrid, decisions to be made!
  56. 2018 hyundai sonata hybrid mods
  57. Thought on the 1st gen Honda Accord Hybrid
  58. I made it 31 days without using any gas
  59. Bought a 2007 Camry Hybrid
  60. Removing cross bar from 2006 Highlander luggage rack
  61. Leaving Prius Prime Plus
  62. Hypermiling tips for hybrid (Toyota Highlander)
  63. 2008 Prius Traction Battery Replacement (planning ahead just in case)
  64. I totaled my car, need to make a buying decision today HELP
  65. Four In, Four Out One Catalytic Converter
  66. The BYD Tang
  67. EVs Are Great Around Town, But.......
  68. I joined the Insight club!
  69. Mpg drop in winter.
  70. GM: the Chevrolet Volt is dead. Cancelled as of 2019
  71. New to us, GMC Yukon Denali..... Hybrid
  72. Hybrid conversion for awd with viscous clutch?
  73. Ultimate road trip vehicle
  74. Finally had Prius show it’s stuff.
  75. HCH 3rd Gen - Any Good?
  76. HYBRID DIY conversion (Engine + Motor)
  77. HCH1 +20mpg loss with AC on
  78. Insight with dead battery
  79. 42 lb per Sq In. tires and headlights keep burning out
  80. Too Late for a Plug-In Hybrid Pickup Truck?
  81. Prius oil catch can
  82. "Framing" a hybrid.
  83. Avalon hybrid. What to mod?
  84. Hybrid Hot Rod 2.0 - The Pria Ghia
  85. Freon for Hybrids
  86. Why no hybrid trucks yet?
  87. Hyundai ioniq
  88. Porsche Hybrid sets new record for Nürburgring
  89. Workhorse REx Hybrid Truck
  90. Maruti Suzuki selling mild-hybrid Diesels (only with manual transmission)
  91. Used Prius advice
  92. Warm Weather Pro Tip Search
  93. 1969 Mustang Prius conversion
  94. Belly Pan Build Thread - Insight Gen 1
  95. BMW i3-REx or Prius Prime
  96. Toyota has tested flexfuel Prius and has plans to release it in Brazil late this year
  97. Help beeded: Base Insight Mechanic Keller Texas
  98. Plug-in Supply not supplying kits...
  99. Lawsuit: Prius recall for inverter software fix hurts fuel economy
  100. Where to get new/reconditioned IMA batteries for HCHII in Europe?
  101. Considering Reviving a Dead HCH II
  102. 2019 Ram 1500 only available as a hybrid.
  103. Reprogramming a Prius to Keep the electric motor at maximum torque.
  104. 2019 Insight at NAIAS
  105. 2014 Lexus RX450h ways to get better mpg?
  106. HCH Battery is dying :(
  107. From non hybrid SUV to Volvo V60 D6 twin engine AWD plug in hybrid
  108. Honda announces 3rd gen Honda Insight (2019) = a less ugly Civic sedan
  109. Webber University and the Prius
  110. How they make the BMW i3
  111. 2012 ford fusion RPM hack
  112. RIP Prius V wagon: yet another efficient car cancelled because of CUV sales craze
  113. TIRES: the 2010 Prius needs new shoes
  114. Idea: Parasitic battery expansion for Prius pack
  115. New twist to my day job
  116. A stylish Volvo hybrid sports coupe...
  117. Toyota's sporty hybrid, nice
  118. 2001 insight 5 speed in Gary's u pull Binghamton NY
  119. Ultragauge In a Prius
  120. How many miles on your Prius and how much oil consumption?
  121. Shopping for Prius, any trouble to watch for?
  122. Calling all Prius Drivers! Need Advice
  123. vskid3 finally gets an (almost) EV, 2013 Volt
  124. Prius MPG
  125. Hybrid Assistant app for Android
  126. New tires for the 3rd gen Prius
  127. Volt may be dropped by GM
  128. Obdiic&c canbus upgrade
  129. Prius VS 1st Gen Insight
  130. Electric Hitch pusher
  131. 2018 Camry Hybrid: 52 MPG EPA combined - first midsize sedan over 50
  132. Modifying Brake Regeneration
  133. 2008 Prius with Ecopia Tires
  134. Unit-02 Red Honda Insight
  135. Mitsubishi engine swap: Ford Model T gets plug-in hybrid drivetrain
  136. Best way to add regenerative braking to a Jeep?
  137. Cargo Trailer Mods
  138. Mr. Regular: G1 Insight
  139. FORD CMAX driving for MPG's, Aero Mods and Hypermiling
  140. Insight G1 vs G2
  141. G2 highway mileage
  142. LAPD and Ford unveil world's first pursuit-rated hybrid
  143. Alloy wheels for camry hybrid
  144. Help! Almost didn't make it home! (2000 Insight)
  145. 2005 Honda Insight
  146. 2017 Kia Niro... Anything?
  147. Toyota HSD Batteries
  148. 1946 Chevy Prius Truck
  149. 2017 Peugeot Instinct concept
  150. Ideas for better cooling the IMA battery in 2003 Honda civic hybrid.
  151. Used hybrid market- Largest HOV sedan?
  152. Techrules GT96 - aviation fuel micro-turbines!
  153. 2017 Pries plug in hybrid
  154. Nissan releases Note e-Power series hybrid in Japan
  155. Replace Civic Hybrid Battery or get newer car?
  156. Engine temps and ambient temps
  157. 2014 BMW i3-REx report
  158. All-American Muscle...hybridized!
  159. Used Car Shopping Need Feedback
  160. 2010 prius rear wheel skirts and thinner tires #allthempg
  161. The King is dead: Hyundai Ioniq (58 MPG US EPA combined) beats Prius ECO rating (56)
  162. Pacifica Hybrid on assembly line for next month delivery. 84 MPGe rating, 33 mi. AER
  163. 2010 Insight -- Hyper Black
  164. 2007 Civic Grid Charger
  165. Nissan Note series hybrid: Leaf drivetrain + small battery + 1.2L generator
  166. 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid
  167. 2017 Kia Niro Hybrid (Update: sets 76 MPG US cross-country hypermiling record)
  168. Gen1 Fuel Injectors
  169. Friction drive, tyre against tyre
  170. Cowmeat learns to drive the Volt
  171. Insight Ecu MT in CVT
  172. GM's eAssist...
  173. Calif car needs catalytic converters
  174. I just ordered the Prolong Battery Reconditioning Package
  175. Buying a hybrid car in a year from now off.
  176. Gen 1 Transaxle Teardown.
  177. G1 Insight CVT for sale in Florida (not mine!)
  178. article says prius discontinued due to poor sales.???
  179. Toyota Prius 10% gain from switching to high mileage oil
  180. Gen 1 Insight - Fixed very rusty FPR vacuum connector
  181. Elegant Forced Auto Stop (Insight)
  182. Hybrid Corvair project
  183. why the hybrid
  184. DIY Hybrid-ing old cars with low budget, is it possible?
  185. Why BMW i3-REx
  186. Belt Alternator System (BAS) hybrid - general discussion thread
  187. Civic hybrid failed battery ??
  188. GRID CHARGER questions
  189. 2010 Ford Fusion Endgame
  190. 2005 Civic Hybrid ??? (what to look for)
  191. Briggs & Stratton Hybrid
  192. 03 Civic Temp sensor error code on 3 replacement batteries
  193. 2004 Honda Insight purchase?
  194. CR: Toyota RAV4 is most fuel efficient SUV ever tested
  195. 2001 Insight
  196. Subaru BRZ plug-in hybrid: 104 MPGe, 0-60 in 5.7s, 50 mi. e-range
  197. 2000 Insight 375k miles
  198. New plug-in 2017 Prius Prime: 22 miles EV range; 84 MPH EV mode; ugly
  199. Cousins?
  200. HCH1 Ecomodding
  201. 07 Prius
  202. Did I just "Train" my car or my foot?
  203. 2008 Prius Air Dam
  204. Going to buy a used prius as a second car. What to look at?
  205. 2016 Prius spotted yesterday
  206. The Firebrid Hybrid Convertible Project (Prius platform swap)
  207. Best Air Filter for Prius 2008
  208. Pruis Gen 2 Air Filter for Battery Fan
  209. LRR Tires Best for Prius Second Gen
  210. Hyundai releases official photos of the Ioniq (new: video)
  211. Finally a Toyota Hybrid you'll actually want to own.
  212. New(to me) 2001 Insight - KCMO
  213. 2008 Gen 2 Prius Plug-in Conversion
  214. New IMA battery; 12v, check engine, and IMA lights are on. Not charging.
  215. Can a FWD Transaxle have 2 inputs?
  216. Constant Recal, IMA light, 2003 Civic hybrid
  217. Jalopnik groks EcoModder: "The 2016 Toyota Prius Is An Enthusiast's Car"
  218. best place to sell my old IMA battery?
  219. new IMA battery, recognized by car, but not charging?
  220. Need some insight on an Insight (just bought, IMA light came on, various codes)
  221. New-to-me IMA pack
  222. Need to know more about power steering
  223. RE: Can I put a Civic VX engine in Gen I Insight?
  224. Bought a 2011 Prius. I have no idea how to drive it...
  225. Efficiency war? Hyundai's dedicated hybrid rumoured to out-Prius the new Prius
  226. Spotted! 2016 Chevrolet Volt pre-production model. Spied (and sat in) in Toronto
  227. Off Road Hybrid Buggy
  228. What is the most efficient tire?
  229. 2016 Toyota Prius (photos, specifications, Cd 0.24)
  230. Stretch-Insight as Travel-Van Alternative
  231. Chevy finally in the market: 2016 Malibu Hybrid
  232. 588 mpg BMW four seater?
  233. They've got solar panels on the roof...
  234. New addition to the family!
  235. Gen 1 Insight index/sticky idea
  236. considering ford c-max hybrid (how's the A/C?)
  237. Prius Camper
  238. Hybrid battery thefts
  239. Civic hybrid 1st gen IMA won't recognize new battery
  240. 2004 Prius brake pads after 100k miles
  241. 2nd gen Honda Insight parallel portable plugin hybrid battery pack build thread
  242. Accord Hybrid gets 47mpg and Civic Hybrid gets 45mpg?
  243. First -Gen Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid to cease production
  244. ECM Enabler. Running a G1 Insight with no IMA.
  245. Gen 1 insight questions
  246. Anyone using snow chains on their Prius C?
  247. Inifiniti Q50 Hybrid and ScangaugeII
  248. 2000 Honda insight
  249. Looking for an EV with a manual transmission
  250. HCH1 IMA battery voltage reading & reconditioning