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  1. How do I loosen the serpentine belt on a 2006 Camry without ruining the boss?
  2. I need a bit of scrappy electrical help to get my AC running again
  3. How to build a EV LeMons racer
  4. What's a CEL anyways? :confused:
  5. Diy luxury aeromods
  6. How much weight can ChrisFix remove from a BMW?
  7. Hybrid AWD conversion
  8. Hazard Fraught Tools flyer
  9. Help me pick a new(Used Car)? Any FWD with rear drive shaft lock in 4WD?
  10. Mild Hybrid - DIY EV Conversion Motor?
  11. Modify this Geo Metro
  12. Body Work - Plugging Trim Holes
  13. PCM Tuner
  14. How to prevent wild fires.
  15. Hyundai soapbox racer
  16. Vehicle Maintenance: Scheduled, or as needed?
  17. ABS Module Rebuild & Repair
  18. DIY shifter knobs (post up pictures)
  19. Metal shaping technique showcase/discussion for ecomodders
  20. Robert Murray-Smith [145K subscribers]
  21. Amt or auto clutch
  22. Cutting Springs from Eaton
  23. In search of ideas for testing Aeromods on Nissan Leaf
  24. General auto repair questions answered
  25. The Roadie Loop--keep your extension cords from getting tangled! :) Also, install a switch!
  26. Have you heard of fixing stripped bolt holes with scrap copper wire?
  27. Great videos
  28. Janky tools you made that worked
  29. Transmission Swap
  30. DIY
  31. Any one know how to chemically weld motocross fairings
  32. Coroplast - supporting bracing for "Aero Tail" on my trailer
  33. My power steering pump broke. Time to delete?
  34. New Project Suzuki Cultus "geo metro"
  35. How to calculate pounds of force on decklid spoiler
  36. How to rebuild a totaled Ferrari's undercarriage damage using $25 in scrap aluminum!
  37. How long will it take me to replace my heater core (2000 Civic)?
  38. Smart Roadster EV
  39. Can JB Weld Extreme Heat save my exhaust manifold?
  40. Gen2 Prius Fuel Tank
  41. EGR delete on 1.6 TDI
  42. New Project: TDI Passat DSG to six-speed manual!
  43. Mechanical Concrete
  44. Would you resurface your own cylinder head?
  45. Considering Unfinished Home
  46. Idle Rich /Lean -inputs to ECU
  47. partial belly cover benefits?
  48. mpguido
  49. Air-take verses direct hho injection into manifold
  50. The Wind Turbine Idea
  51. To hone, or not to hone, on re-ring?
  52. electric golf cart motor mod on gas outboard
  53. Ac to dc low voltage high current
  54. plastic play balls in fuel tank
  55. narrow skinny rims and tires for 88-91 civic
  56. XFI CPU for gen 2 Metro?
  57. Diagnosing a P0420 code
  58. O2 sensor hack or something? HELP!!!
  59. New car mod/repair/restore show
  60. My Prius HV Battery Rebuild Experience/Guide
  61. DIY Vinyl Graphics
  62. Battery Charger - desulphation?
  63. engine block interchange
  64. To reduce amps from Alternator
  65. Cooling fan on/off
  66. Basics of Bike conversion
  67. 2011 Prius Light Bulbs Burning Out
  68. coroplast fabricating tips/guide
  69. DC/DC Converter vs Second Battery
  70. Chevy Volt Belly Pan
  71. Sufficiently advanced creeper technology
  72. simple spoiler to prevent cover from lifting
  73. AI-informed fabricobbling
  74. 95 up Geo Metro mirror delete 3d printer files
  75. 99 f150 4X4
  76. Youtube: Pressurized Running Water on Jeep Wrangler JK
  77. PolyMetal [I]vs[/I] Basalt fiber
  78. Battery Charger in My Car
  79. What about buying more gas at low prices?
  80. New 2017 Cruze 1.4L - WHERE TO START?
  81. Induction Block Heater
  82. Prius Tent
  83. stolen ECM replacement throwing a code 48
  84. EP3 Passenger Side Mirror Delete
  85. GEO LED Headlights Wiring Conversion
  86. 92 civic dx with d15z1-p07l01 with d16z6 harness no egr only getting 35mpg
  87. Front Lip for EP3
  88. Upper Grill Block EP3
  89. Gen1 Honda Insight 2nd Clutch
  90. How to delete rear wiper and motor for Honda Insight
  91. Manual Operating front grill opening & blocking
  92. DIY: Adding new Parameters (sensors) to OBD2 for logging.
  93. Help in designing a 48V bldc motor controller
  94. Rewrap auto motive alternator for single phase power
  95. DIY / How-to: Remove rear seats in 2011 Ford Focus
  96. recommendation for Metro 3 cylinder piston rings?
  97. Hf motor/trans needs replacment
  98. DIY: Honda FIT Kill Switch
  99. Open loop indicator. Toyota 4AFE
  100. Two Bucket Car Wash System
  101. SB175 connector accessories
  102. HELP! 2000 Honda Insight first IMA battery reconditioning
  103. custom aerodynamic wheels
  104. How to install a centrifugal pump
  105. rpm reducing
  106. How to over-ride computer RPM while coasting?
  107. Blank slate
  108. Battery for powering welder
  109. 1993 mercedes 300d
  110. New grille block: version III
  111. Free 2013 F150 Belly Pan Templates
  112. Homebrewed I-Eloop
  113. Alternator Kill and LiFEPO4 - The definite guide
  114. Making an ABS upper grille cover, with compound curves
  115. How to find ABA testing road
  116. How to Make Easy Ecomods Look Good!
  117. security problem
  118. Looking to ecomod my Chevrolet Volt (extend its electric range)
  119. Wallet Weight Mod
  120. Alternator charges ONLY when EOC?
  121. Adding these electric motors to the back wheels of my FWD gas car?
  122. Gas Pedal / How to hold it in fixed position?
  123. WPC Metal Treatment/Reduced Friction
  124. Honda OBD0 OR OBD1 trouble codes (pull without scanner).
  125. 00 Civic HX dome light
  126. Installing moom discs on a G1 Insight
  127. Can I activate dollar-store shutters via the fan relay?
  128. Tinting plastic windows
  129. Help on attaching an air dam?
  130. What is Porting Polishing
  131. Does cleaning the throttle body help mileage?
  132. wideband O2 sensor, spoofing stock o2 signal for leaner burn
  133. lawn tractor?
  134. Is this possible? Eco LEDs on rev counter
  135. Check Engine Light Flicker, Ticks & Car Won't Start
  136. Civic VX MPGUINO Install with pictures
  137. Nerdy engineering/theory discussion on EGR/lean burn
  138. How to replace 99 Forester head gasket
  139. Forester and the dreaded bad head gasket
  140. First Engine Pull
  141. Increase my gas mileage 1998 ford f150
  142. Automated Grille Shutters
  143. Engine/transmission swap mount "drawings" (have any)?
  144. Ford f150 dedicated CNG
  145. 99corolla belly pan
  146. VX Clutch Install/How to Avoid Headaches
  147. Rear discs on VX: MPG impact?
  148. Grid Charger connections
  149. "ADDING" a rear engine to a FWD car to run at the same time.
  150. Pan cake motor
  151. Convert your Toyota Prius to a plug-in with a conversion kit
  152. DIY happiness: fixed my wife's Subaru
  153. Looking to do a Digital Fuel Adjuster
  154. canbus codes?
  155. Build photos
  156. Unified list of jack points
  157. Make your own Insight front aero panel!
  158. How to remove these fasteners?
  159. DIY smart cruise control.
  160. Intake mod diesel power loss
  161. kill switch relay ~ with led indicator light
  162. Zip ties and wheel covers
  163. How to fasten a Grill Block with Ziptie Plugs
  164. I need help with my camera and monitor setup.
  165. DIY Injector kill switch install. (Honda insight).
  166. Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass
  167. Rolled plastic grill block and air dam
  168. Eco car build
  169. Limitations of moon discs
  170. How to polish headlights so it lasts (re-adding UV protection)
  171. Kill Switch Shuts off my Ultraguage :(
  172. Cigarette Lighter Trouble Shooting
  173. Cobalt Conversion
  174. Easiest headlight restoration ever!
  175. "dual vtec" "3 stage vtec" please share what you know!
  176. Polishing machined rims to a mirror finish
  177. DIY trim restoration.
  178. Pizza separator wheel covers, with Vekke zip caps
  179. hand throttle with "cruise/lock" 96 civic
  180. MPGuino parts for old subaru
  181. DIY Calpod switch install.
  182. Helping a gorgeous young lady replace her 97 Accord oil pan.
  183. Scavenging parts from Cruze Eco
  184. Premium Fuel Hack
  185. Polishing headlight lens
  186. Yes!
  187. Heatsheilding
  188. 02 5 wire sensor replacement 93 civic VX
  189. MPGuino install: '90 CRX HF without splicing into Harness
  190. Help with math
  191. why do we burn gasoline so foolishly?
  192. How to 3800 powersteering delete
  193. how fuel is burnt
  194. Coolant Additive
  195. Flushing a Radiator w/o Garden Hose
  196. Need help instaling a Kill Switch
  197. 2001 Chevy Suburban conversion to Electric PHEV Project
  198. Smooth hubcaps - Redneck style...
  199. How to: install cheesy window decal
  200. How to install LSD in your honda civic manual tranny
  201. Air dam A-B-A: I failed
  202. Can you properly (NoD-style) loop power steering without removing the rack?
  203. How do you loop depowered steering lines?
  204. Intake restriction question
  205. D.I.Y. Engine Bay cleaning using WD-40 (pics)
  206. Do HX 5-wire oxygen sensors always turn white?
  207. Recycling electronics
  208. Tablet Mount via Shelving Bracket
  209. DIY/Cheap mirror delete
  210. New modder
  211. DFW area members:PATE Swap Meet
  212. Grille block using cutting board and adhesive foil. No zip-ties!
  213. DIY Electic Car Chassis
  214. 2003 Civic Hybrid EOC Kill Switch/Injector Cutoff simple how to
  215. Ticking Sound After Valve Gasket Replacement
  216. rusEfi: DIY ECU
  217. Build your own Honda Fit?
  218. 2007 HCH Battery replacement
  219. Installing a catch can by pcv valve
  220. ideal shape trailer help
  221. Wiring an injector cutoff switch
  222. Transmission rebuild books?
  223. Where do you guys do your A-B-A testing?
  224. $30 to get another 1.5 MPG
  225. engine block heater
  226. 1995 Toyota Camry 'guino
  227. The art of shaping ABS (lawn edging air dam)
  228. Electric Water Pump EWP80
  229. Antenna delete blanking
  230. DIY ultra light weight car
  231. DIY Alternator (permanent magnetic)
  232. How to Install MPGuino without Splicing (Civic VX)
  233. VW Beetle fiberglass body
  234. Civic VX O2 Sensor Conumdrum
  235. CNG pump compressor DIY home refueling
  236. 2k Honda Insight Hybrid Battery Disassembly
  237. Volkswagen Chassis
  238. 12 volt Battery
  239. Thermostatic warm air intake
  240. Assemble-it-yourself car kit
  241. EOC killswitch in an EFI car with a distributor
  242. How to - Almost OEM Upper Grill Block for 2013 Subaru Sti
  243. Pickup truck partial tonneau
  244. Airdam Attachment method
  245. Smooth wheel covers from scratch
  246. Need VX's plugs 4, 6 pin location numbers
  247. Electrical cruise control
  248. Lower grille block - '01 Saturn L200
  249. Tuning EFI for economy.
  250. screen material over front grill - aero mod