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  1. Go back to Washington!
  2. Sprouts and Electric Gliders
  3. Sprouts and Electric Gliders
  4. Gold Fault Laser
  5. The electric universe
  6. Dutch Lightspeed fully solar car by 2019
  7. 1987 Chevy Sprint turbo for sale!
  8. A Montana outfit thinks they have the secret to inducing lean burn on <2005 cars.
  9. Hydrocarbon Fuel
  10. My first and hopefully last corral entry, and it's hypothetical
  11. Free energy motor
  12. MPG Tune for $25.xx US ?????????
  13. But Anonymous thinks its good!
  14. Eagle Research says 200MPG in 2000lb veh is easy
  15. TriboTEX: You too can help Kickstart this scam!
  16. 4-stroke opposed-piston engine development from Pinnacle Engines?
  17. Why don't you demand courtesy from any and all topics?
  18. Heat up the gasoline
  19. Speed limiter helps fuel economy?
  20. BioDiesel, why cant I find it anymore?
  21. Hydrogen on demand system?
  22. Testing OBD2/CAN Fuel Saver
  23. Hydro-Steam Propulsion
  24. This unicorn got corralled:
  25. Unicorn "Flatulance"?
  26. Adding acetone to gasoline
  27. Exhaust valves
  28. 100 % unicorn **** yet maybe the most useful product in the whole Corral!
  29. fuel vapour injection system
  30. Vapourising fuel
  31. Tri-force 70% fuel economy increase.. pffft. .. ya know... HAHAHA
  32. Did anyone watch Fifth Gear episode on fuel savers?
  33. Centrifugal oxygen enrichment...
  34. Air2Nitrous device claimed to cut vehicle exhaust emissions by 90 percent
  35. Onion Predicts Camry's Demise...
  36. Another compressed air car
  37. Elio vehicle on "Wheels That Fail" last night!
  38. Elio has a marketing stablemate!
  39. State of the Art-Novel InFlow Tech-Development / 1-Gearturbine 2-Imploturbocompressor
  40. Ultrasmooth sub-micron carbon spheres oil additive.
  41. A123 Systems LB shell
  42. Web Skepticism Tutorial
  43. Winter Wheel Spats
  44. "The Gas Saving Switch"
  45. Vapor fuel continued desscussion!!
  46. A ricer's Christmas present
  47. Turboencabulator
  48. Another win for the idiots.
  49. Working on hydrogen kit 60%savings.
  50. doh
  51. Snake oil or real deal? Phoenix Fuel Converter
  52. Schauberger Generator?
  53. This is in reference to the EGR build that T Vago was presenting.
  54. Some Comic Relief...
  55. What happened to the vapor thread?
  56. Cheap gas on the way?
  57. HHO Mod, Does it work?
  58. Vacuum driven gas vapor system
  59. Supercharger Tuning- electric "supercharger"
  60. Good for a laugh or a cry (Gravity Plane)
  61. Any merit to this?
  62. perpetual hydroelectricity?
  63. diesel kia power smoother drive but no savings
  64. Save gas... by never stopping for a drink.
  65. Mix transmission fluid in diesel fuel for longevity.
  66. invest in a K&N air filter
  67. Impressed so far just not on my car ...yet
  68. Holy grail of all holy grail, at the door step?
  69. beware: Microlon on the scene
  70. another hho scam
  71. Super-capacitors instead of a battery?
  72. Woah!! Hot fuel saving tip..
  73. Strap On!
  74. VorBlade Invisible Fairing...
  75. Unicorn products? Wetter than wet, Litebrake, Alcohol Water injection?
  76. Top 5 Fuel Savings Myths by CNet
  77. Funny video, some good stuff, not sure about one thing though....
  78. What is Hydrocarbon Catalytic Fuel Conditioning
  79. 2005 Tahoe 170,000 Miles and getting 28 MPG
  80. Inter Charger Installation and Initial Results
  81. S;ective Catalyst Emission Eliminator for Blow By Out Gas Toxin
  82. China launches $600 car that will get 258 mpg
  83. Hydrocarbon Crack System
  84. Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion
  85. OBII Smarter than us?
  86. What could Ultra Ever Dry do for fuel economy I wonder???
  87. BORPower additive?
  88. dynovalve
  89. Home made all "free" energy hybrid
  90. The Ultrasonic Transducer Water Vaporizer
  91. Vortex strake device and method for reducing the aerodynamic drag of ground vehicles
  92. Cigarette Plug-in fuel economy?
  93. Gadgetmangroove
  94. Tall tales (ICE running on water)
  95. Trailer Tires on a Geo Metro ...
  96. pusher fan for small SUV
  97. How many video mistakes do you see
  98. Groovy heads
  99. Exhaust Driven Alternator
  100. Cc hod...................wow !!
  101. Green Magnetic Spinners
  102. cant believe nobody posted THIS!!!!
  103. Unicorns are real!
  104. Let's give this "treatment" the unicorn treatment..
  105. Gas Pods - Anyone try them?
  106. Pee power!
  107. 2013 Grand Caravan 36mpg
  108. XADO metal repair, anyone tried it?
  109. Farm Tracktor engine in truck gets 45mpg...
  110. British engineers produce amazing 'petrol from air' technology
  111. can you see this sitting on your dashboard?
  112. 20%-40% better MPG;
  113. Why do we have ads on here for Hydrogen boosters?
  114. Hemi Prius
  115. The amazing Entabulator: an old classic
  116. Any spark plugs proven to improve MPG?
  117. spark plug heat range effect on fuel econ
  118. 35% gain using acetone/xylol...
  119. GasPods: stick on airfoils
  120. A MAF Sensor Mod
  121. Sorry but its the hydrogen generator again.
  122. The TURBONATOR. YES? Or NO?
  123. Electric Supercharger?! (adaptable for fuel economy?)
  124. I'm calling BS, what do you think?
  125. HyTronX: on-demand hydrogen injection
  126. Hid kit
  127. A gift for HHO Skeptics!
  128. Diamond Lube
  129. Solar panel to feed both H2 AND O2 into engine?
  130. Has anyone tried HHO?
  131. what do you guys thank of this idea?
  132. evap
  133. Wind powered car
  134. energy of deformation
  135. A simple idea to try
  136. Scuderi Engine
  137. Use engine block heater to warm Catalyc converter ?
  138. Install & tune a vehichle for magnets:Increase MPG, Decrease Fuel consumption (DIY)
  139. Really? Drive-charge electric motor claims
  140. anybody tried hydrogen generation?
  141. System 48 Oil Treatment
  142. Information on fuel use for newbies
  143. aftermarket variable displacement
  144. Oxytane fuel additive
  145. Absurd Eco Inventions...
  146. HHO discussion (split off from the BSFC thread)
  147. Federal Mogul Advanced Corona Ignition
  148. H + HO = 25% More HP
  149. Hho
  150. Anyone try water4gas....
  151. VW Rabbit diesel pickup owner wondering about Brown's gas
  152. Russian oil additive
  153. LRR tires. Unicorn of the future?
  154. Two of my own Unicorn ideas?
  155. HHO: Good, bad, or ugly?
  156. ELVIS is knocking
  157. Howe's Meaner Power Kleaner
  158. Amish miracle heater ??
  159. Denso's Twin Tip spark plugs
  160. Has anyone seen or installed a DynoValve?
  161. electric powered logging skidder idea.
  162. Who is using a "Fuel Vapor" system here?
  163. BLADE tailpipe attachment?
  164. Unicorn Dookie
  165. Another one
  166. A unicorn bragging from under the air filter?
  167. Fuel Saver Flash Chip?
  168. New fuel saving coolant up to 15% savings :d
  169. Have any of you heard of a joe cell
  170. EconoAid.com
  171. Waterboost - special, er, no HHO...
  172. Nitrogen tires
  173. Yeah we all know its a scam
  174. "TireBlast TM" Canadian tire verging on unicornian claims
  175. Time to fire up my old Hydrogen generators
  176. Viper Cell Fuel Vapor Pressure Enhancers
  177. Another version of the fuel doctor
  178. saveyourgasmoney.com
  179. Auto Charge Voltage Stabilizer Fuel Saver
  180. Do Singh Grooves Work?
  181. "...charges the air molecules as they rush past in your air intake..."
  182. Unusual aero--flapping and pumping
  183. The "Platinum 22"
  184. So I heard about this Excelerated Oil...
  185. Ram Implosion Wings
  186. Fuel Shark. What?!?
  187. EnviroTabs - I pop a pill and...
  188. ZERO OHM plug wires for more mpg?
  189. Ultra Lean
  190. Seen on CNN: Hydrogen used to Increase Mileage
  191. GEET Reactor
  192. Any Experience With HHO as a Combustion Enhancer?
  193. Nanogenerators to power mobile devices
  194. The Aircar thread, a true unicorn or just very inefficient short range transport.
  195. A Real Unicorn? You decide
  196. Placeholder for magnetic motors
  197. Does HHO REALLY Work????
  198. 200mpg? LOL. Is that all you got?
  199. Drafting idea (using sails)
  200. Increase FE by running MAX A/C 24/7/365!!
  201. 200 MPG Carburetor Talk
  202. The Unicorn Corral: warning - reader skepticism is advised!
  203. Hydrogen generators
  204. new device out that saves gas, any good? (fuel doctor - fd-47)
  205. Liberator Fuel Saver
  206. 18% increase! (Fuel Doctor FD-47 busted by Consumer Reports)
  207. S10 runs on 100% hydrogen
  208. Gadgetman
  209. Restore oil additive...
  210. Anyone using magnets to increase milage?
  211. Magnetic engine returns
  212. Hydrogen Generator Questions Answered Here
  213. Myth Busters SUCKS! (HHO mod, does it work?)
  214. Do air tabs work?