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  1. MPG of cars without powersteering?
  2. Simplest engine, pros and cons?
  3. Faster backwards?
  4. How to kill mileage in a plug-in hybrid C-max
  5. Weight Vs. Economy
  6. How small is too small for an engine?
  7. Omnidirectional Transport
  8. Variable Discharge Turbine
  9. To crossover or not to crossover? (Possible rant)
  10. Software Defined Power
  11. Tire width and economy
  12. Dwarf cars: how good is the fuel economy?
  13. Basic MPG info
  14. ALH TDI Experiences?
  15. 2019 Chevy Bolt Lt Efficiency
  16. Alfadan 654 HP inline four
  17. Virgin Hyperloop One human test Demo on Bloomberg QuickTake 5-20-21
  18. Non static main battery location
  19. Can someone please explain how this technology existed 31 years ago & where’d it go?
  20. Zippar, new-gen electric ropeway system
  21. Cyber Attack --> Gas Price Increase?
  22. Energy per distance, better than gallons/liters?
  23. Audi 100 2.5 TDi (C3)
  24. Highest MPG small cargo vans?
  25. 100+ MPG Prius
  26. Hydrogen ICE can still make those beautiful exhaust sounds
  27. Google Maps will show most fuel efficient route
  28. Washington State's 'Clean Cars 2030' Bill, ban sale of ICE vehicles
  29. Chinese Great Wall Motor's Ora EV Beetle
  30. Top mpg nin hybrid cars at 70+ mph?
  31. Hood Bra
  32. Beta Technologies' ALIA-250 electric aircraft
  33. Another Altenator thread-smart charging using tilt sensor
  34. Best practices for staging project mods?
  35. Voltswagen of America, a new unit of Volkswagen Group
  36. 19bonestock88’s first generation L61 build thread
  37. Most economical minivan?
  38. Radiator fan power draw on highway?
  39. Heat Battery
  40. This has been in the works for a few years.
  41. Porsche hopes they can slow down the extinction of ICE vehicles!
  42. Motorkote?
  43. Tires make a BIG difference!
  44. 3 cylinder water cooled vs 2 cylinder air cooled thoughts on possible conversion
  45. 4S LiFePO4 as car battery without BMS?
  46. Cruise RPM on the torque curve
  47. Interesting reading
  48. The Problem With Tesla's Differential Strategy
  49. VW Öko-Polo - 138mpg?
  50. Tire/wheel weight and mpg
  51. Most fuel efficient hatchback?
  52. Pulstar Spark Plugs
  53. Add electric motor to extend range?
  54. MAHLE Jet Ignition to be used in production cars.
  55. Any 30 mpg vans you can recommend for camping?
  56. Fireplace Blower
  57. Moon Discs for Sale
  58. Fast warm up ideas: diesel fired air heater.
  59. Mazda Rotary Range Extender Confirmed
  60. PHEV more environmental than EV
  61. Gen 2 Prius..short trips only?
  62. Road surface effect on mpg
  63. Kayaks on roof vs towed behind on small trailer
  64. Saved Energy and Didn't Burn the House Down
  65. Time for a new mower.
  66. Tesla Model 3 battery degradation tuning
  67. Traffic Jam Motor
  68. The Critical Engineering Manifesto
  69. Article - Stiffer roadways could improve truck fuel efficiency
  70. MPGomatic's YouTube Channel
  71. Electric or hybrid air transportation developments
  72. Anyone buy & store fuel?
  73. Typical Energy Expenditure %
  74. Hyundai CVVD
  75. YET ANOTHER reason to love Billy Idol
  76. Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP)
  77. Fuel pump and carb vehicle questions
  78. My Solar PV Thread
  79. Vacuum engine to improve fuel efficiency? (after burner engine)
  80. Snow Tires
  81. Thoughts about CO2, CATs, & gasoline fuel economy
  82. Mirrorless Trucks Gain Heavy Favor In NHTSA Proposal
  83. Tire efficiency
  84. Tallest displacement*gearing vehicle?
  85. ATF and effect on Fuel Economy?
  86. 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime - 302 hp & 39 mile EV range
  87. I just bought Canada's cheapest 3-cylinder Mitsubishi Mirage. EcoMods now in progress...
  88. Ozone in intake manifold
  89. SEMA build quality
  90. Thottle Contoller
  91. sandia.gov: Ducted fuel injection promises cleaner combustion
  92. Turbos are going electric—and becoming part of hybrid powertrains
  93. Axle buying strategies?
  94. Can't do pulse and glide at night?
  95. 2013 C-Max energi for new car?
  96. Pulse and glide technique, does it really work?
  97. How is ignition timing controlled?
  98. Sharing a car with a non-hypermiling spouse
  99. My Metro died. What car should I get? Thinking Camry/Accord appliance.
  100. Buying Hypermiling car Mitsubishi Mirage or?
  101. //// Atkinson cycle Diesel ////
  102. What could cause lower than expected MPG [mechanically]?
  103. Used 2016 Toyota Mirai $5000 ain’t got no hydrogen
  104. What about engine degradation?
  105. Porsche Type 64 video
  106. How much power does AC use? Dyno test
  107. Water cooled exhaust manifold = 20% fuel economy gain
  108. 2020 Silverado Diesel 3.0 EPA Rated...
  109. CB Radio as FE Tool
  110. How much does your ac affect your mileage?
  111. Rear decklid spoiler: design discussion
  112. Toyota Solar Prius being Tested
  113. What do E.U. LRR tire labels tell us about North American tires? Anything?
  114. Brother got a 2012 Scion/Toyota Xb 5-speed. Saw 37 mpg city in it.
  115. Munro EV conference
  116. Tires, is there a right answer?
  117. The Cobalt can still do it
  118. Some Standard Range Plus Model 3 metrics
  119. A new blog for EV World I can not publish
  120. Which effected my MPG more: elevation or weight of passengers?
  121. The 12 quickest cars (with engines) with 40+ mpg EPA highway ratings
  122. Ontario to raise freeway speed limit in pilot project
  123. Record Vancouver Fuel Prices (reporter seeking BC ecomodders to interview)
  124. So you wanna build a muscle-modded ecocar or an ecomodded muscle car? What is that?
  125. The quantum in quantum thermodynamics
  126. My ideas of a super MPG Van:
  127. Bridgestone article on rolling resistance
  128. Single axle or tandem trailer?
  129. Best Civic VX Tires
  130. Cold Air Intakes
  131. Is a 50 MPG Corvette Possible?
  132. Transmission/gearing question
  133. NYT reporter asking for advice
  134. Electrically Assisted Thermostat
  135. Free gasoline in Oklahoma, other states too?
  136. 2018 was the last year you could buy a full-sized pickup truck with a manual transmission
  137. economy better in the hills?
  138. Air intake temp on fuel consumption
  139. economy better in the hills?
  140. Plugshare trip planning
  141. Warm up engine before driving?
  142. Trend reversal: GM's new pickup trucks get worse MPG than last year's models
  143. Lightweight 20lb seats coming to a race car near you
  144. 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Plugin Hybrid
  145. EU tire label listing?
  146. Grill Blocking in warmer climates
  147. 680HP & 850Nm, but it'll coast engine off !
  148. Electric power steering controller
  149. Where to from here
  150. Toyota 2.0L M20A-KFS dynamic force engine
  151. City MPG vs Highway MPG- What Affects Each?
  152. Anyone tried Hankook Kinergy ST tires?
  153. Toyota Highlander Stop Start
  154. My new miser
  155. Ouch! Friend's Ford F-150 lifetime fuel consumption: 14.7 MPG US = 16 L/100 km
  156. Best cheap used vehicle?
  157. Anyone we know? CurbsideClassic posts an aero-Metro spotted in Fort Collins, CO
  158. Will Turnip permit 15% ethanol year-round?
  159. Civic VX poor mpgs help
  160. Engineering Explained: How much fuel does idling consume?
  161. Measuring engine smoothness
  162. Lighting upgrades
  163. Hot weather and poor economy
  164. 2018 Honda Fit Gas Mileage
  165. Fuel Efficient Tires
  166. Ford accidentally releases 2019 Ranger
  167. AC blower motor driving circuit
  168. Attn cheap used car buyers: 150+k Mirages have now been sold in the U.S.
  169. Brushless alternators
  170. Adding an Intercooler - Improving MPG?
  171. 2004 Honda Civic Non Hybrid CVT - Help with Tires!
  172. Turbine Precleaners
  173. Vehicle review - 2017 Honda Civic LX
  174. Anybody in here mess with getting better FE out of Boats?
  175. Theoretical engine material efficiency improvements
  176. Optimum fuel economy balance between Fast Idle and Choke
  177. Rude Efficiency Comparison Formula
  178. Hybrid sports cars?
  179. My New Chapter. 6.2 liters of it.
  180. What was your most succesful mod?
  181. Chicago to O'Hare? Boring!
  182. Alternator versus plug-in 12v battery charging
  183. Small / economy car deathwatch: we've passed "peak econobox" again
  184. 37+ mpg in a 2014 Honda Odyssey
  185. Help picking tires for Honda Fit
  186. Pre-Heating the cat?!
  187. I pulled this off of a tire today...
  188. Is America ready for 4-cylinder full-size pickup trucks? Because they're here (GM)
  189. 2000 Hyundai Accent vs 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage (which should I get?)
  190. What ever happened to HR22 FAST Act?
  191. Leno's '66 Volga
  192. Ford to stop selling cars in North America
  193. 01 Insight: To sell or not to sell?
  194. F150 first full size pickup with 30mpg rating
  195. Wheel weight effect on fuel efficiency
  196. Defying gravity, the flying future.
  197. Rootes(Commer) TS3 and similar engines
  198. Baffled using 99 octane fuel
  199. Limited slip differential efficiency?
  200. New Boxer Engine Pickup get 37 MPG
  201. loading the engine early to warm up faster?
  202. Total Power efficiency between a Hybrid and EV? Who wins?
  203. Production 2019 Insight revealed
  204. 1952 VW Kohlruss restoration video
  205. Anyone heard of Acura RSX success stories?
  206. Drone Efficiency
  207. Electric supercharger for efficiency?
  208. Goodyear Efficientgrip EV Tires $295 next year
  209. Tire pressure in the cold
  210. What mpg can I expect from an 05 corolla?
  211. winter formulation gas..
  212. LRR Tires. My Experience
  213. Fill fuel in the coolest hour
  214. RWD cars with good MPG? (Looking for a highway commuter)
  215. Tesla police car
  216. You too can own an extreme research car!
  217. Engine efficiency outside of peak.
  218. Oversized Insulated Oil Filter
  219. Worth getting a different car for higher MPG?
  220. SpaceX Falcon Heavy successfully launched the Tesla Roadster and Starman!
  221. Dream with me - your perfect car
  222. Header wrap?
  223. Theory: the Toyota Tercel is the cockroach of economy cars (in a good way)
  224. Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
  225. Who fell 'asleep?'
  226. OEM makes mid model colder air intake mod 'for fuel economy'
  227. Catalytic convert talk - FCC, MCC, UCC???
  228. GAC Motors coming to America 2019
  229. How an automaker practice their AI parking assist technology
  230. Chevy Cruise AV
  231. 'Prius bobsledding in Burbank'
  232. U.S. new vehicle fuel economy stuck at 25 MPG, 4th year running
  233. Direct Heating Defroster
  234. CES introduces a new 50 inch TV...with an EV crossover
  235. Bombogenesis doesn't stop the mail and a Model X
  236. Calling all sleuths!
  237. The Mitsubishi Mirage is the WORST CAR you can buy!
  238. China bans production of 533 car models
  239. Tesla goes to Mars
  240. Germany paid customers to use power
  241. Prius vs Volt vs Cruze Eco
  242. New Alternative Fuel FAIL
  243. Questions about modifying venturis for better... everything? (Weber DGV)
  244. Down the rabbit hole Ram D50 2.6l long block
  245. Shell vs Chevron
  246. Help recommending a company vehicle
  247. High altitude fuel economy
  248. coast down idle?
  249. The Honda Civic GX thread
  250. Fast warm up ideas: compilation thread