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  1. Double din mpg reader
  2. Cars that show mpg on dash?
  3. External Public display of MPG
  4. Bluetooth UltraGauge?
  5. Turbogauge won't connect
  6. speed vs rpm scangauge?
  7. airspeed indicator
  8. ESP32 CAN Due board using the Tensilica ESP32 WROOM module
  9. Adjusting for larger tire size
  10. SGII firmware...What should I do?
  11. Anyone using the Auto Meter Eco Meter?
  12. SGII customer support
  13. Roadtrip App for tracking fuel and services
  14. ScanGauge II showing fuel used while engine stopped
  15. kiwi..?
  16. mpguino problem
  17. Help with Torque app pids
  18. ScanGauge II Upgrade
  19. ScanGauge E mileage calculation.
  20. Open Loop/Closed Loop.
  21. DIY Wide-band install 94 acura
  22. UltraGauge not picking up EOC?
  23. Cool instrumentation in car.
  24. How accurate is a Scangauge 2 for MPG?
  25. Torque App Questions
  26. which gauge would suit me... nissan note
  27. Looking for a new tire pressure gauge
  28. Fuel Cut off on lower RPM then before!!! What does it mean??
  29. Ultragauge Fuel cut off Diesel
  30. Which MPG reader for a '99 Polo ?
  31. MPGuino is amazing!
  32. not sure where to put this on my car.....
  33. App to track dual fuel cars?
  34. Yet Another CAN Bus Thread....
  35. torque app help
  36. Going into open loop at low load -- worn engine?
  37. Home emissions tester?
  38. MPGuino injector connection - no 0v feed
  39. MPGuino VSS Pulses/Mile confusion
  40. Trouble getting a VSS signal
  41. Ultraguage: EM Plus VS. MX 1.3 (2002 Accord LX Automatic)
  42. Audi A2 Scangauge II
  43. anyone else spotted this.... kiwi.... mark 2
  44. Some kind of special? MPGuino
  45. Scangauge in Toyota Echo, Xgauge problem.
  46. UltraGauge (2011) service display quirk
  47. Metro-Throttle Position ScanGauge WOT??
  48. UltraGauge FE calibration?
  49. Engine load of 6 and 7th Gen Civic
  50. What is the deal with Vacuum reading ??
  51. Summertime
  52. Engine load at idle
  53. Mpguino values.
  54. GOFAR Fuel Efficiency Dongle (a Kickstarter project):
  55. are there any usefull obd 1 tools
  56. 0-300F dual probe intake temperature gauge.
  57. What's the latest in MPG gauges?
  58. Ultragauge : EOC issues & incorrect load
  59. Torque Pro + BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 adapter vs Scangauge
  60. Kill Switch with LED indication injector use/volts
  61. Recommend a good thermometer tap
  62. ultragauge mounts? Need to buy...
  63. ScanGauge II compatibility question
  64. Arduino based LCD dashboard for 1980's non-canbus motors?
  65. Mpguino code help
  66. New Tool - Automatic
  67. Successfully using multiple OBD-II instruments
  68. HEM paper (2014) on 2010 Prius Fuel Economy data
  69. MPGuino on a motorcycle?
  70. mpGuino weird issue
  71. 3d printed scangauge bracket
  72. Torque app not reading DFCO
  73. Oxygen sensors ~ interpreting readings
  74. UltraGauge Volvo Problems?
  75. Metric/imperial units on scanguage
  76. Android/iphone UltraGauge
  77. CAN-bus instruments!
  78. received new DVR cam for the Jetta
  79. 96% US cars with Black Box ?
  80. Scanguage and my Subaru
  81. scanner output to stereo input
  82. Engine Analyzer??
  83. SGII question
  84. SuperMID shows accessory loads on engine
  85. Gas Pedal Depression Gauge?
  86. Instrumentation and LPG
  87. SG-II gauge/trip discrepancy
  88. Which Gauge is Best and....
  89. Torque App MPG - 2001 Dodge Diesel
  90. Have any of you heard of Chariot Gauge?
  91. Clinometers?
  92. ScanGauge II - MPG Questions
  93. ScanGauge calibration tips for TDI? Speed, distance, MPG all off.
  94. Jet Performance ECU tuning
  95. Hard to read MPGunio
  96. Magnetic proximity switch instrumentation
  97. Trouble ordering UltimateGauge
  98. Pull information from OBD0
  99. Fuel in the bowl
  100. Adjusting vss pulse number for tire size
  101. Circuit to translate MAP signal to boost gauge?
  102. Ultragauge + Scangauge on an obdii y cable
  103. OBDuino Help
  104. Is there a DIY open-loop indicator?
  105. Samsung tablet instrument cluster
  106. fuel scan gauge 84 crx???
  107. Measuring Fuel Economy by Weighing the Car
  108. Soliciting advice on 'fuel consumed' instrumentation
  109. led battery warning light ~ for kill switch ~ not working yet
  110. Possible problem with MPGuino mileage readings.
  111. Scangauge not turning on
  112. 1999 chevy tracker / ultragauge questions
  113. suzuki king quad 750- what gauge?
  114. UG reads like I don't have DFCO, and some other UG questions
  115. Software for bluetooth OBD2 reader.
  116. MAP direct correlation to FE?
  117. DashCommand App for Android
  118. Cam timing on Scangauge
  119. Windows phone app CoPilot
  120. ultragauge: DFCO disappeared
  121. Got a question for the Aspire owners
  122. Scangauge II Won't Clear Code (get blank screen)
  123. DiabloSport inTune- What prameters to watch
  124. Is my Scangauge II an antique?
  125. Scangauge II vs Torque Pro/OBDLink MX via Nexus 7
  126. canbus codes?
  127. new scangauge 2 came in the mail
  128. fuel sensor ~ obd2
  129. Electroluminescent gauge power consumption?
  130. Don't make the mistake I did with MPGuino
  131. SG calibration off - MPG readout low
  132. Using MAP Sensor Voltage to Monitor Engine Load
  133. Way to track Average Engine Load?
  134. Share Your MPGuino Calibrations
  135. Early Mercedes Diesel Engine Instrumentation
  136. How to wire the power cord for MPGuino?
  137. Torque for Apple devices
  138. Another Ultragauge thread
  139. UG short-trip data disappearance
  140. displacement on demand and MPG apps
  141. vacuum Gauge confusion
  142. Garmin Eco Challenge
  143. how does the MAP readout work?
  144. MPGuino for old carburetor subaru
  145. siren on ultragauge
  146. Ultragauge DFCO observations
  147. Digital vacuum gauge
  148. EngineLink APP OBD2 Reader for iPhone
  149. How to Setup UltraGauge
  150. Instrumentation for *AUDM* Honda civic 6th gen (EK/Cxi)
  151. Android Torque Pro settings
  152. SGII backlight always on?
  153. Issues With ScanGauge II
  154. More than one SGII? (daisy chain ScanGauge)
  155. Wiring Gauges in Dash Hole - S10
  156. Newbie from across pond-scangauge2 novice!
  157. Thoughts on the Scangauge E.
  158. ELM 327 USB/Bluetooth
  159. Can I disconnect the scangauge2
  160. Does anyone use a Data Logger?
  161. custom scangauge install in New Beetle
  162. Looking for a little help with OBDuino build.
  163. Measuring Charge Efficiency
  164. HELP! Northern California / MPGuino
  165. Obduino32k issues
  166. Recommend Mileage Tracking App for iPhone
  167. how to connect fan light ~ visible from inside of car
  168. Vacuum Gauge Install; Engine Line Tap Location
  169. Pre '96 "OBD2" data feed into Torque/Android with an Arduino
  170. Any DashDyno users here?/Additive testing
  171. 1994 gm td OBD1 mpgunio
  172. % load on a Honda with an automatic?
  173. Biggest MPG error you've seen on your uncalibrated gauge? (Nissan X-trail SG/UG)
  174. Obtaining miles with engine off w/ SGII?
  175. Civic HX Lean Burn Monitoring via ScanGauge (Video + Info)
  176. Volo FS3 economy chip: Snake oil or lifesaver?
  177. ultragauge > injector cutoff
  178. Vacuum Gauge - Benefits?, Practicality?, Advice?
  179. MPGuino Micro?
  180. Finally fixed my intermittant speedometer/odometer problem
  181. Adding factory mileage gauge to my Sonata
  182. how much difference did MPGuino or vacuum gauge make for you?
  183. What are your favorite UltraGauge/ScanGauge gauges?
  184. obd2 Wifi app for iphone
  185. what do I need and why?
  186. Zero Cost manual MPG meaurement (xpg)
  187. Scangauge is not accurate on my new Corolla
  188. Smartphone app for fuel economy.
  189. MPGuino + FlexFuel device?
  190. vacume guage & scanguage question
  191. iPad Mini Dashboard
  192. Do I really need a SG?
  193. Diesel flow meters
  194. Honda OBD to OBDII cable??? $10
  195. Scangauge II Out of Warranty Repair
  196. OBD bluetooth scanner
  197. New Gauge that connects with your smartphone
  198. Very high temps with factory HAI
  199. Weather Recording
  200. ScanGauge-II sometimes reads zero mph
  201. Swapping ScanGauge II for UltraGauge EM ?
  202. Scangauge II and hyundai (not reading MAP, not reporting fuel consumption)
  203. Looking to connect MPGuino to Civic VX wiring harness.
  204. GPS apps (recommendations and discussion)
  205. Ultra gauge % load in a Subaru
  206. Xgauge: timing advance: IGN / RPM
  207. Carputer thoughts
  208. Toyota OBD1 diagnostic port reader, poor man's scanguage
  209. ScanGauge: How much calibration required on each tank?
  210. Do I need to reset AVG mpg on Ultraguage with every fill up?
  211. Critique my Vac gauge driving
  212. Fuel management...
  213. Vacuum gauge quality?
  214. Scanguage says 53.6mpg TANK, actual was 45.9??
  215. Custom UG install, faux touch screen
  216. Wind speed gauge
  217. WiFi sleep problem
  218. Just ordered my scangauge!
  219. Scangauge II stats going wonky in 2000 Dodge Caravan, Please help
  220. XGauge with decimals
  221. ScanGauge : which gauges you choose?
  222. Ultragauge - Calibration and accuracy
  223. Ultra Gauge parasitic battery drain?
  224. Two alternative methods for measuring MPG in an old diesel.
  225. SG2 Frozen
  226. Installed a tachometer learned something new
  227. ScanGauge: How does it calculate?
  228. Will ultraGauge work on 1995 Tercel???
  229. Difficulties in connecting the LCD to the arduino mega to MPGuino
  230. Dumb Question: Settings for a 2000 Ford CV
  231. Doubts about MPGuino
  232. Scan Gauge E
  233. Circuits for None EFI vehicles
  234. Measuring Gas Used
  235. Thoughts on a new feature
  236. UG users.
  237. Nissan Versa SG install
  238. Quick Question on MPGuino Install
  239. Mpguino code (for arduino)
  240. MPGuino stopped suddenly working..
  241. Accurate instrumentation possible on a diesel?
  242. does any know about low fuel light
  243. MPGuino installation/calibration help
  244. Wheel speed sensor and MPGuino issues
  245. MPGuino, MPG calibration G/uSec
  246. what would your ideal MPG computer be?
  247. I have a 1991 S10, but looks like I have an OBD plug in
  248. UG Alarm
  249. On-the-Go Slope Measurement
  250. VAG diesil mpg display